3 ways to get an EpiMonitor prescription without seeing your doctor

Have you felt that it’s impossible to see your doctor for them to write you a prescription to have your EpiMonitor shipped? We understand that booking a doctor’s appointment can seem like forever and may require several trips to the hospital. EpiMonitor is an FDA-cleared device that requires a prescription for use within the United States, and so it is necessary to have one.

While it might be easier for some people to get a prescription within a few weeks, for others, it might prove difficult. We’ve received a lot of requests regarding getting a prescription for EpiMonitor, and this post aims to help make the process easier for you.

Ways to get a prescription easily

Going to see your doctor is one way to get a prescription, but there are other methods to get an EpiMonitor prescription quickly and more easily.

1. Booking appointments with online doctors and getting prescriptions online

There are many online services available, which help you to book appointments with certified medical practitioners online. You can get a same-day appointment, consult with them, and have them prescribe EpiMonitor for you immediately. Some of these platforms include Zocdoc, HeyDoctor, and ZoomCare among many others. You only need to come to your appointment (video call or phone call) prepared for a smooth consultation (more information on how to prepare will come later in this post). Be sure that the healthcare professional who writes your prescription includes their NPI number. It is one of the required pieces of information for your prescription.

2. Checking if your neurologist/hospital is registered for online consultations

Instead of driving or going all the way to your doctor’s office, your doctor might be licensed to have online appointments and consultations. You will find this information on your clinic’s website, or call your doctor’s office to find out. You may, however, need to check the laws about this in your state.

3. Have your Registered Nurse prescribe it instead

It can be tough to book an appointment with your doctor, but the good news is that your Registered Nurse can also prescribe EpiMonitor for you! Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication and devices in all states in the US, but the degree of their independence from medical practitioners varies from state to state, according to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. So the next time you go to your doctor’s office and are not able to book an appointment, you can ask your nurse to prescribe EpiMonitor for you instead.

Getting Prepared

Since you might not be seeing your neurologist for the EpiMonitor prescription, you might need some extra preparation to get EpiMonitor prescribed smoothly.

  • Download the template: The EpiMonitor prescription has specific requirements, and we have prepared a template that can easily be filled out by whoever is writing your prescription.
  • Be ready to give a detailed description of your seizures and diagnosis: EpiMonitor is designed to detect possible tonic-clonic seizures, and the doctor/nurse prescribing it would need to know if EpiMonitor will work with your seizure type. Be ready to show them reports, your neurologist’s notes, and any other information they might need to understand your diagnosis.
  • Educate them about EpiMonitor if they don’t already know it: You can show them our EpiMonitor page so that they can know how the EpiMonitor technology works and if it will be a good fit, in line with your seizure history and diagnosis.

Whether you decide to get your EpiMonitor prescription through an online doctor, have an online consultation with your doctor through a video call, or have your Registered Nurse write one for you, be careful to check if the prescription meets all the requirements to get it approved.

If you were able to get your prescription through any of the above methods, feel free to share your experience with us by writing to we’ll be happy to hear from you!