Empatica Celebrates International Women's Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. Though this should happen every day, it’s the perfect chance to shine a spotlight on the milestones and contributions of women across industries. However, despite the widespread achievements of women in tech, the industry still needs to provide more opportunities, highlighted by the fact that less than a third of employees in the majority of tech companies is female.

Which is why we here at Empatica are proud of the fact that 43% of our team is made up of women. We believe in creating opportunities where women not only enter the tech industry, but also encourage and empower each other. We make an effort to celebrate personal victories together and uplift each other.

One of the many brilliant women that works here is our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Professor Rosalind Picard. She joined MIT in 1991, and in 1997 published Affective Computing, which was instrumental in creating a new field by that name. In 2015, CNN recognized her as one of seven “Tech SuperHeroes to Watch”. She’s received dozens of international awards, and has given over 100 keynote speeches. Recently, she's been elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Her work is that of a true role model, showing the way for others.

A good portion of our engineering team is also made up of women. From biomedical engineers, to firmware developers, and QA testers, their talent and hard work have greatly contributed to the development and advancement of our technology. It just goes to show that when we don't let roles get defined by gender, great things happen.

Today’s celebration reminds women to know their worth and believe in themselves. We’re confident that opportunities will continue to expand in our sector and beyond, providing equal opportunities for all, which will on a broader scale build stronger teams made up of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and points of view.

If you're interested in joining our team of brilliant minds who work on life-saving products every day, we invite you to check out our Careers page.

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