Empatica joining DiMe in developing a core set of digital measures for physical activity

Empatica partners with DiMe as a collaborater on project to develop cores set of measures of physical activity

We are excited to announce that Empatica is embarking on a project with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) and other select partners to develop a set of core digital measures of physical activity. Measures of physical activity are increasingly being considered the “6th vital sign,” due to their potential impact in assessing and monitoring a vast range of conditions, across therapeutic areas and patient populations.

Though multiple measures of physical activity currently exist, they have been developed using varying technology and methods. The goal of the DiMe project is to eventually create a reliable library of endpoints, so that medical products can be approved based on broadly accepted digital measures. By combining reliable digital biomarkers with mature sensor technology, digital measures can be created that favor patients, caregivers, clinicians, and scientists. By developing a set of measures that are disease agnostic, patients can benefit from monitoring that can be better suited to their condition, and developed on technology that can be trusted.

Empatica’s technology and expertise in digital biomarker development will contribute to capturing data from daily life and determining a scientific strategy to define and develop the final set of algorithms that can compute the measures.

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