Gianna’s Embrace story — She can explore on her own despite epilepsy

As part of our efforts to spread epilepsy awareness, we’re back with another special story about one of our younger users, Gianna, as told by her mother, Becky. Gianna is only 8 years old, but what she lacks in age, she makes up for with her zest for life and capacity to love.

Prior to receiving Embrace, Gianna’s mother never left her unattended for fear that she would have a seizure and no one would know. The constant accompaniment even extended to bedtime, where Gianna would have to always sleep in her mother’s bed. Becky knew that these conditions were stifling for her daughter. She had to find a solution to help her daughter develop a sense of independence and resiliency to venture and explore. In her quest she came across Embrace which has given Gianna the space to do more things on her own, and Becky the peace of mind that she’ll be alerted should Gianna need her help.

Her Story

When Gianna was diagnosed with epilepsy, she was never left alone anywhere. She slept in my bed for years because she had seizures while sleeping. Life was really stressful because if she had a seizure in school I wouldn’t know until the nurse called me. I wouldn’t know if she had one at all when she wasn’t with me until afterwards.

Now, I am glad that we have the Embrace because it has taken the stress off me. When she is in school and has a seizure, I know, along with her other caregivers as soon as it happens and can make arrangements for whoever is closest to her to go help. She also doesn’t have to sleep in my bed anymore, because I know I will be notified when she needs help.

I purchased an Embrace and it has taken the stress off me

When we initially got the Embrace, it was ‘annoying’ to her because she wasn’t used to it yet. Now, it has become second-nature. She puts it off only when she needs to charge it and after that she puts it right back on, because she knows she wears it so we are alerted if she needs help.

“The Embrace helps her do things on her own”

With the Embrace, she can do more things on her own. She now does things I was scared to let her do before. She has more freedom to explore herself and her surroundings without me breathing down her back.

Although a parent of a child with Epilepsy will never constantly not worry about them, it makes life a little easier knowing you’ll get that alert.

Her Hopes and Aspirations

I wish she would be seizure-free, but in case that doesn’t happen, I still want her to be able to go out with friends and live a full life as she becomes an adult. I want her to go to college, acquire her dream job and be successful in everything she does.

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Since the publication of this article, we have developed Embrace2, which has been cleared by the FDA for use by adults and children aged 6 and up.

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