Introducing one of our most requested features: Medication Reminders

You’ll probably agree that having epilepsy can be overwhelming: remembering everything about the timing of your seizures, doctors’ appointments, seizure triggers and how to avoid them, among a whole lot of other things.

Now, add the thought of remembering to take your medicines, how you should take them, when you should take them, and any epilepsy medication side effects you’re experiencing. Exhausting? Yes, at times, it can be.

But medications are important. Studies have shown that missing even a single dose of medication can lead to a breakthrough seizure. Also, up to 70% of people with epilepsy can be seizure-free with proper medication and treatment. So, to keep your seizures at bay, remembering to take your medications is a key factor.

For this reason, we designed a brand new feature for the Mate App to help people with epilepsy and their caregivers manage one of the most important aspects of their treatment regimen: Medication Reminders. Time and again, we receive requests from our users and caregivers for a tool to help with remembering to take medications, and today, we are glad to announce that it’s now available in the updated Mate App!

The Medications Reminder designed for people with epilepsy

For the first time in the Mate App, you can set automatic medication reminders to help you remember the exact time you need to take your medication. You can also now see your medication adherence, alongside your seizures, rest, and physical activity data at a glance on the Mate wheel. With this, you’ll not only remember to take your medications on time, but you have a complete seizure diary and medication history to show your doctor. It’s also one less thing to remember for your caregivers, who can now worry less about your medication regimen because they’ll be able to keep track of your adherence through your Mate App. Caregivers can also download the Mate App on their phone to see if their loved one has remembered to take their medicine.

Now, let’s take a deep-dive into this feature and see how it can help you manage your epilepsy.

Add and Edit Medications

We have included an FDA-based medication directory, with a full range of OTC (Over-The-Counter) and prescription medications, to make it easy for you to add medications. When you start typing the name of one, the autocomplete feature helps you find it, so that you add the exact one your doctor prescribed. If you can’t find your medication on the list, simply add it manually and save it for future use.

Set detailed medication reminders

Some people have complex treatment routines and may be required to take different medication types and doses at different points in time. If you fall within this category, we’ve got you covered. You can set reminders for as many medications as you like so that you remember everything. You can select your dosage, as well as add specific instructions and notes, like if you should take 500mg of Keppra after breakfast.

Receive and interact with medication reminders, even while offline

Interact with each reminder you receive: mark them as "taken on time," "taken late," or "skipped." This helps you know how and when each dose was taken. If, for example, you missed a dose of diazepam, you can mark that notification as "skipped", and it is saved in the app for reference. The timing of each medication matters as much as the adherence, so this is definitely something your doctor will be interested in seeing.

The offline feature also helps you to receive reminder notifications at any place and time, even if do not have an active Internet connection. We, however, recommend always having an active Internet connection if you’re using the Alert App for seizure alerting and detection.

View your medications adherence on the Mate wheel

Having to use multiple apps for epilepsy seizure management can be cumbersome. This is why we thought to combine all the tools you might need in one handy app. With this new feature, you can see all your important epilepsy information on the Mate wheel: your seizure history, physical activity, rest information, and now, your medication adherence, all at a glance. This combined information makes it easier to show your doctor everything at once or for your caregivers to easily know if you have been taking your medications.

Update your Mate to discover the medications reminder

Our developers worked really hard to incorporate all the feedback we have received from our users, and we can’t wait for you to try it too! Simply update your Mate App through the notification on your phone or through the App Store and Google Play Store to start enjoying all the benefits. The medications reminder feature has been included in all the subscription plans, so whether you are on the Lite, Standard, or Plus plan, you can start taking charge of your medication routine!

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Don’t forget to send us any feedback by writing to us at support@empatica.com; we’ll love to read from you.

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