Our favorite children’s books to explain epilepsy to your little one

If your child has epilepsy, or a family member or friend does, it’s likely that they’ve already started asking questions. It’s important to approach their curiosity with care. Complex medical terms and explanations will only confuse them. How do you explain epilepsy to a child in a way that is easy to understand and also supportive?

They’ll need an explanation that is reassuring, and that they are able to understand.

Explaining a complex and emotional topic to young children is an art form. To help you, we’ve selected 5 of our favorite children’s books that not only explain the condition in simple ways, but also offer encouragement to overcome any fears around epilepsy.

The Great Katie Kate Explains Epilepsy

Designed specifically to help young epilepsy patients understand their condition and overcome their fears.

When Jimmy is diagnosed with epilepsy, he starts to worry. What is happening to my body? Am I ok? Does this mean I’m different from other kids? Jimmy and the other young patients in the neurologist’s office get a visit from the Great Katie Kate, a spunky redheaded superhero who appears when kids get worried. Katie Kate takes the children on a medical adventure to learn about the various forms of epileptic seizures and treatments.

Sometimes I Get the Wiggles — Be an Epilepsy Seizure Hero!

Based on a true story, it’s about a young boy with epilepsy that teaches his classmates how to help during a seizure.

Kannon is a little boy with a form of epilepsy that sometimes gives him the wiggles, and when that happens, just like Jell-O, his whole body jiggles. Kannon would very much like to go to school with everyone else his age, but he worries his condition might scare the other children away. After much thought, he comes up with an idea to enlist and train all of his classmates as Seizure Heroes as a way of helping his teacher and his fellow students see him through each school day.

Taking Seizure Disorders to School: A Story About Epilepsy

Explains epilepsy in a simple way that allows children with the condition to feel accepted.

A story that dispels the myths and fears surrounding epilepsy in a positive, upbeat and entertaining style while explaining seizures in an understandable fashion.

Let’s Learn with Teddy about Epilepsy

Helps children and their families identify some of the symptoms of epilepsy and understand the doctor’s visit.

The book tells the story of a young boy first diagnosed with epilepsy, the doctor’s visit, the different tests and possible treatment and his relationship with his parents and friends.

Mommy, I Feel Funny! A Child’s Experience with Epilepsy

Shows children that epilepsy is just an obstacle and doesn’t have to hold them back.

Based on a true story, Mommy, I Feel Funny! introduces the reader to Nel, a little girl who is diagnosed with epilepsy. The story takes you through the days following Nels first seizure. Suddenly, Nel and her family are faced with thoughts, fears and emotions that come with the discovery, understanding and acceptance of epilepsy.

We Could Be Heros

Helps children see that even though they have epilepsy, they can still do more, and be of great help to others.

The author, whose daughter has epilepsy, writes with an insider’s view of the emotions of children with the condition. In the book, one of the main characters is determined to save Booler, her neighbor's dog that suffers from seizures. Her special kinship with him springs from the fact that she has epilepsy, a fact she desperately tries to keep from her new friend at school.

Ella And The Electric Paintbrush, A Positively Charged Epilepsy Tale

The character is based on a real student from South Australia, Ella Gray, who lives with a rare mix of epilepsies — and who is also an aspiring artist.

Ella And The Electric Paintbrush, A Positively Charged Epilepsy Tale is a coming of age tale about a little girl’s odyssey with the brain condition epilepsy – and about discovering her magical powers.

The main character mostly leads a normal life, but in recent months her epilepsy has become worse.

One day while walking through the woods on her way to school, Ella is struck by lightning. As she gathers up her belongings, she discovers something weird and wonderful has happened. Her paintbrush has transformed to have a special power.

What will happen next? You'll have to read it to find out...

We hope you find these books useful in helping your child better understand epilepsy, face it with courage, and overcome their fears.

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