What’s it Like Working at Empatica?

Perhaps some of you would like to know more about our team, or maybe you’re considering us as the next place where you’d like to devote your talent and passion.

Should either of these be the case, you’re in luck because here you’ll get a peek into our wonderfully unique world and what it’s like being part of our team.

1. You help create innovative Product & News that make a real difference in people’s life

The most rewarding aspect of working at Empatica is the opportunity to build products that change and save lives. That’s extremely rare and a privilege too. There’s a lot of pressure to ensure things are done right, but that also drives you to produce the best work of your life.

Andrea, our Engineering Manager of the Mobile Software Team, describes it like this:

“Most of the time working with software doesn’t give you something tangible of what you are doing. You are writing lines of code, creating something that you cannot physically touch. Working at Empatica is different: you are still creating software but then, reading customer reviews, knowing that you have saved someone’s life really touches your heart.”

2. You work in an environment that challenges you and your abilities

Working within a growing company like Empatica means that new challenges are always on the horizon, and the energy level is always high. We’re very collaborative, sharing ideas and challenging each other’s perspectives to find new solutions, and push innovation forward.

Francesco, our Lead Data Scientist puts it this way:

“It’s necessary to keep yourself constantly updated to develop your skills and to always be curious about everything around you. What you’ve done today can be outdated tomorrow, so to expand your know-how and improve your abilities is essential to provide the best service to your customers and your colleagues. Sometimes this can be stressful, but mostly electrifying since you feel that you are becoming a more qualified professional and a better version of yourself.”

3. There are so many smart and cool people under one roof

The people here are smart, young, passionate, fun, and quirky: that’s what makes Empatica so special. We ask questions, share our opinions, debate a bit, but that’s what keeps us moving forward.

It’s a place where you’ll work hard, enjoy great team work and build precious relationships.

4. You grow in many different areas

There is the opportunity to tackle any challenge you come across producing a faster growth of your skillset in multiple directions. You have a fair deal of autonomy so you can contribute to other projects and make a cross-functional impact. With Petra's words, our Junior Operations Manager:

“What I love about working for Empatica is that you are never alone. There are many things to do, often outside your scope of work. In a way you are forced to get out of your comfort zone, learn new skills and help wherever you can and it’s needed. What makes such challenges less scary is that you can always count on the team to support you, even when they don’t seem to have time. They would never leave you alone in a pickle. Everyone cares for each colleague and ultimately, for the company’s mission to save lives. Working at Empatica means being part of a family that cares for you and helps you grow and you can’t help but to care for them too.”

We hope now you feel like you know us a bit better, and can imagine what it’s like working on such high-impact products.

If you’re inspired and would like to blend your unique skill set and passion with ours, have a look at our careers page. You might find a role that resonates with your abilities and for which you’d like to devote your energy and ideas.

We’ll be thrilled to have you with us, to create great work and learn from each other along the way.

The Empatica Team

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