Which Embrace subscription plan is right for you?

The second you pair Embrace2, your 30-day free trial of the Plus plan kicks in, which means the Alert App will be communicating with your Embrace and will tell your phone to call and text your caregivers when it detects a possible convulsive seizure. It’s the top plan and lets you experience all of the features we offer. As the free trial period starts to wind down and the time to choose a plan approaches, you might be wavering between one plan and another, or perhaps all of them.

Choosing a plan could be easy for some, but it’s not so simple for everyone. It can be tricky assessing your needs and matching them to a plan that supports them.

Behold: your guide to picking the perfect subscription plan!

After considering the benefits of each plan, there are still several things to think about. Are your caregivers in the same house or will they need to travel a bit to locate you? Will one caregiver be enough for you or do you need multiple people to be notified? What price is right for you, and how often do you want to pay?

Fret not, Empatica is here to help you.

How many caregivers?

Deciding on the number of caregivers isn’t hard, it’s probably the easiest way to rule out some of the plans.

First step: figure out how many people you know that are willing to help when you have a seizure. A few people may be enough, or maybe even just one. However, each may have their own unique schedule and not always be available to help.

The Lite Plan allows you to have 1 caregiver active to receive alerts. However, you can always switch out this person. For example, if your caregiver is only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can set them as active for those days, and deactivate them for the other days, while activating another caregiver.

But, maybe it’s hard to keep track of your caregivers’ schedules. Let’s say you’re a university student and your caregivers are your close friends. Everyone has a different lecture and study schedule and it’s hard to know who’s available at what time. Or, perhaps Embrace is for your little one, you have yourself set as a Caregiver, but just in case you're not able to make it, you'll want to make sure Dad is notified as well. The Standard Plan allows you to have 3 active caregivers, so if one can’t come to your assistance, there are 2 others that will still receive the SMS and call for help.

While 3 may be the perfect number for some, for others it’s just not enough. It could be that your parents that live far away also want to be notified, even though they can’t come to help. In that case, it might be worth considering the Plus Plan which comes with unlimited caregivers.

How easy is it to find you?

The next step is thinking about how quickly your caregivers would be able to find you. Do you live with them or do they have to travel to find you? If your situation is the latter, you might want to think about GPS Alerts.

GPS Alerts are exactly what they sound like: alerts with your GPS coordinates, provided by Google Maps, so your caregivers waste no time in locating you in your time of need. They’re precise, and are automatically updated if the Alert App receives more accurate findings. You can find this feature in both the Standard and Plus plans.

Decide your price range

Cost may be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your plan. If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Lite Plan for under $10/month (currency depends on your location). It’s a great option if you have only one person that needs to be alerted, and they live with you so they can easily find you at all times.

The Standard Plan is the most popular. For under $20/month, it comes with all the features of the Lite Plan, with 2 additional caregivers and GPS Alerts. If you want all of features including unlimited caregivers, you can opt for the Plus Plan for $44.90/month.

There are two ways to pay for your subscription; once a month or once for the entire year. The yearly payment will save you two months worth of your chosen plan. For example, if you choose the Lite Plan, paying for the year will cost $99, while monthly payment is $9.90 per month amounting to a total of $118.80 if you were to keep it for the entire year.

If you want to start with a monthly plan and upgrade to a yearly plan later on, you most certainly can directly through your Empatica Account. Also, if you want to change your plan altogether, you can switch plans until your heart's content to have found a plan that suits you perfectly.


Choosing the perfect plan is all about testing out the different features. The first 30 days are precisely for this, and if you have any questions along the way, we’re just an email away ready to help

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