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Remote, real-time alerts for generalized tonic-clonic seizures

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Embrace2 is the world’s only FDA-cleared wrist-worn wearable in epilepsy. It continuously monitors physiological signals and instantly alerts family, friends, and caregivers in case of a possible seizure. Discover all you need to know to confidently prescribe Embrace2 alerting to your patients.

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A beautiful medical device
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Embrace2 has been FDA-cleared for both adults and children ages 6 and above. Now patients can take medical monitoring beyond the hospital and into the home.

With our Remote Seizure Monitoring service, physicians can take advantage of the unique detection and data collection capabilities of Embrace2 to review objective seizure data, and get reimbursed by Medicare.

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When Embrace2 detects a possible generalized tonic-clonic seizure, it communicates via Bluetooth to the patient’s smartphone to promptly send an alert notification to caregivers.
Alert App
Alert App
Within seconds, the Alert App notifies caregivers from the patient’s smartphone with a call and a text message with the precise GPS location, so they can quickly come to assist.
Mate App
Mate App
Patients no longer need to rely on an observer to confirm their seizures. With the Mate App, they'll have a complete and accurate record of not only their seizures, but also their rest and physical activity.

Benefits both doctors and patients

Embrace2 enhances the relationship between doctors and their patients by allowing for more focused dialogue. Patients can share detailed data immediately, so doctors have a broader view of their health and can provide more tailored solutions.

Peace of mind for patients


Decrease seizure-related injuries: A study of 71 epilepsy patients using a wearable alert device at home showed that in 40% of the patients, the device contributed to achieving fewer seizure-related injuries1


48+ hours battery life


More likely that a patient is attended to, as alerts are sent remotely with a GPS location


Stylish and discreet design that fits your patient's daily needs

Accurate data for doctors


Improved seizure counts: FDA-cleared devices show much higher sensitivity, with the lower bound of the 95% confidence interval reaching 92% for GTCS detection2, 3


Easy access to an accurate digital seizure diary, including seizure time and duration (see Mate App)


Observe patient seizure activity, rest patterns and quality of rest in a single view


Precise metrics derived from an automated collection of your patient's data

Only device on the market to monitor autonomic arousal

Embrace measures both movement and autonomic activity. The sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system innervates the skin, causing changes in the skin known as electrodermal activity (EDA). Embrace uses artificial intelligence to run advanced machine learning inside the watch, continuously examining the EDA and motion, in order to detect patterns that usually occur with generalized tonic-clonic seizures (GTCS).

Combining motion and EDA, the Embrace provides alerts with higher sensitivity and fewer false alarms than devices that use only motion.

What is EDA

EDA, or electrodermal activity, refers to electrical changes in the skin, which are elicited by the sympathetic nervous system.

Eda in seizure detection

Generalized tonic-clonic seizures often have a rise in EDA; the size of the EDA increase is correlated with the duration of post-ictal EEG suppression. Therefore, using EDA in our algorithm makes it more accurate and decreases false alarms.

Scientific citations

Research on
seizure detection

Read more about the scientific assessment of using Embrace in multiple seizure detection studies.

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There's a plan for everyone

Our subscription plans offer patients the flexibility to try out new features, and easily switch plans anytime they want. All of them provide seizure alerting capabilities. Users have the opportunity to try out the device on the Plus plan for 30 days for free, and return it if it doesn't suit their needs.

from $ 249
One-time purchase

Getting Embrace2 reimbursed by insurance depends on your specific plan and coverage level. Advise your patient to contact their insurer, for any questions regarding insurance coverage of the subscription plan. For more information regarding reimbursement share this article with your patient.

Easy to prescribe

The Embrace2 is a prescription-only device. Please consider your patient's needs, medical history, and seizure types before prescribing it. In order for a prescription to be considered valid, it must abide precise requirements.
We've created a simple template you can fill out, and then give to your patients.

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