Available from late November 2018

Embrace's groundbreaking technology is designed to identify convulsive seizures and notify caregivers to assist. It also provides rest and physical activity analysis to better understand your lifestyle, and comes with a powerful 48+ hour battery life.

Milan Black Stretchable
Size: Fits wrists from 13 to 25 cm in circumference
Boston Blue Stretchable
Size: Fits wrists from 13 to 25 cm in circumference
Seoul Grey Stretchable
Size: Fits wrists from 10 to 20 cm in circumference
Flamingo Pink Stretchable
Size: Fits wrists from 10 to 20 cm in circumference
Sky Blue Stretchable
Size: Fits wrists from 10 to 20 cm in circumference
Milan Black Vegan Leather Band
Size: Fits wrists from 14 to 21 cm in circumference
Boston Blue Vegan Leather Band
Size: Fits wrists from 14 to 21 cm in circumference
Seoul Grey Vegan Leather Band
Size: Fits wrists from 14 to 21 cm in circumference
Empatica Red Vegan Leather Band
Size: Fits wrists from 14 to 21 cm in circumference

$ 249 249 249 249 249 274 274 274 274   + Subscription Plan

Plans starting at $9.99/month

Worldwide shipping

Embrace requires a designated smartphone with access to internet connection. Learn more

The order includes 30 days

of Plus Plan Free Trial

You can return within

30 days from delivery

We honor a 1 year

warranty (2 years in EU)

How Embrace is changing life for its users

"The Embrace has literally changed my life so drastically that I now consider myself free from the restraints of a constant caretaker. It has given me a reason to look forward to life and have hope."
ClairUnited Kingdom
"As a mum of two children, the Embrace puts my mind at rest knowing that if I were to have a seizure my children wouldn't be alone dealing with it for too long, help would arrive fairly quickly :)."
"I wear my Embrace 24/7. Knowing that if I have a seizure my family will be notified has lowered my anxiety and given me so much confidence."
"Life before the #EmbraceWatch was stressful. Now, if Gianna has a seizure, I will know as soon as it happens, along with her other Caregivers, and can make arrangements for whoever is closest to her to go help."
"My stress level has gone way down and I sleep better now knowing that my son Noah, born with Hydrocephalus, has the #EmbraceWatch."
"I am most positive that the Embrace saved my life. When my mom was notified that I needed help, I had blankets and pillows over my head. #ForeverGrateful"

Notify your loved ones
when you need help

Embrace uses advanced learning algorithms to identify convulsive seizures and send alerts to caregivers.
Waterproof case
Analog Watch
Child Proof
Interchangeable Band
FDA Approved
48h+ Battery Life
Fast Charging
Interchangeable Bands
The Alert App sends your Caregivers an SMS and automated phone call when Embrace detects a convulsive seizure.

Empowering people with epilepsy

Cleared by FDA in the United States and also certified as a medical device in Europe, Embrace stands out as the most advanced seizure management system, delivering medical-quality technology to people living with epilepsy.

We've got you covered

When you buy an Embrace, we’ll provide you with a 30 day free trial of the Plus plan so that you can test all the features available, including Alert Location, Rest Mode, and Unlimited Caregivers.

We hope that by testing out all of the features, you’ll be able to easily decide which plan is best for you.

Tailored plans for your needs



Ideal if you want a single caregiver and the benefit of event detection.
Standard Most Popular


Alert up to three Caregivers and let them know where you are when you need it the most with Alert Location.


Perfect if you want extensive features, like Seizure Reports, and the peace of mind of having Unlimited Caregivers.


Is Embrace2 right for me?

Embrace2 is able to detect convulsive seizures lasting longer than 20 seconds. It cannot detect seizures that do not generate any movement. Only a doctor that knows your seizure type and history and should determine whether Embrace will be well-suited for you.

Is my phone compatible with Embrace2?

Embrace2 alert capabilities require a subscription plan and a compatible phone ( iOS that runs version 9.3.5 or higher and for Android runs version 5.0 or higher and supports supports BLE / 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart).

Remember, the person wearing Embrace2 needs the phone nearby at all times, but alerts can be sent to caregivers at any location.

How does Embrace2 work?

Embrace2 sends data to the paired smartphone via Bluetooth®, and from the smartphone to Empatica’s servers via Internet connection. When Embrace2 detects a possible convulsive seizure, it will send Alert calls and SMS to the caregiver’s phones. In order to do this, Embrace must be within Bluetooth range (10m/30 ft) of its paired phone.

Plans comparison

$0.33 /day
$0.65 /day
$1.48 /day
Buy One Give One Charity Initiative
Seizure Detection and Alerting
Manual Seizure Logging
Monitor Rest And Physical Activity
Seizure History
Activated Caregivers
Alert Location
Rest Mode
Unlimited Caregivers
Seizure Reports Coming Soon
Are you a research institution?
Learn more about our plans customized for researchers.

Tech specs

Top Cover

Anodized aluminum

Polycarbonate (PC) light pipe

Bottom cover

Polycarbonate (PC) base

SUS316L electrodes

XM7 screws

Band Frame

PVD coated stainless steel. Fits 24mm watch bands (27mm spring bar)


Length: 37.6mm (1.480")

Width: 29.7mm (1.169")

Height: 10.3mm (4.055")

Weight: 13g (0.459oz)

USB Charging Dock

Length: 48.0mm (1.809")

Width: 31.0mm (1.220")

Height: 21.0mm (0.827")

USB Cable

Length: 180mm (7.087")

Connection type 1 (Micro USB B, male)

Connection type 2 (USB A, male)


EDA Sensor

Peripheral Temperature Sensor

3-Axis accelerometer


Display & Feedback

Capacitive touch-button interface

12-sector ring of multicolor Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Vibration motor for alerts and alarms


3.7V Li-ion

Minimum capacity of 90 mAh


Input Voltage: 5 V

Output Current: 100 mA

Micro USB B, female connector (charge only, no data transfer)


Flash Memory - 8 Mbit

Radio Transceiver

Bluetooth Low Energy Smart®

Environmental Conditions
Water Resistance

Embrace is water resistant (IP67 standard)

Embrace is protected from immersion up to 1 meter

Temperature Range

-20°C +70°C

Additional accessories

Embrace Band Embrace Band Embrace Band
Stretchable Band
Lightweight, but sturdy enough to maintain required contact with the skin for capturing physiological signals. Fits wrists from 13 to 25 cm in circumference 
USD $ 14.90
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USD $ 14.90
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USD $ 14.90
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Embrace Band Embrace Band Embrace Band Embrace Band
Vegan Leather Band
Soft against the skin, but won't slip. Provides both style and strength. Fits wrists from 14 to 21 cm in circumference 
USD $ 39.90
USD $ 39.90
USD $ 39.90
USD $ 39.90
Charging Dock
Charging Dock
The dock includes a micro-USB cable so you can connect it to your laptop or external power supply, making it easier to charge wherever you are.
Includes a 12 cm / 4-inch micro USB B, female connector (charge only, no data transfer).
USD $ 29.90
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