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Peace of mind for people
living with epilepsy


Embrace2 is the FDA-cleared watch that uses groundbreaking technology to detect possible generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and immediately alert caregivers.

We create groundbreaking technology that is friendly, caring and more human

Empatica builds AI systems to understand human behavior through wearable sensors. Our technology empowers thousands of patients, clinicians and researchers with real-time human insight, driven by physiological and behavioural biomarkers.

Our clients are among the most distinguished universities, hospitals, companies, and charities in the world.

Boston's Children Hospital

Advancing understanding of human behavior

We design and develop smart AI wearables and software solutions that open new doors in the field of neurological research.


Real-time data stream visualization for your in-lab studies

Embrace for Research

Continuous medical grade monitoring for real world, multi-site trials.


The world’s only medical-grade smart watch for Neurology research


Press & Testimonials


“The Embrace has the slickness of a Jawbone Up and the brains of a PhD student.”

Katie, Embrace User
Katie, Embrace User

“Knowing that if I have a seizure my family will be notified has given me so much confidence.”


“It can also do something most watches don’t: send out an epilepsy alert.”

Amar, Embrace User
Amar, Embrace User

“With Embrace I can now move in total freedom and recently I’ve been able to finish my studies: I’m a chemist!”

MIT Technology Review
MIT Technology Review

“Makes it easier for people with epilepsy to detect seizures and let others know when they need help.”

Advanced research on
human behavior

Read the scientific contributions of Empatica and other international research groups that make use of our devices and technology across various studies.

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We do not guarantee that Embrace and the Alert App will detect every single seizure and deliver alerts accordingly. They are not meant to substitute your current seizure monitoring practices, but rather to serve as a supplement in expediting first-response time.

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