Empatica owns (and is the sole proprietor of) a set of proprietary information, technologies and tools that are useful to design create or generate an efficient and complete industrial application for reading and transmitting physiological data, with sensor applied to the skin, their correct analysis and transmission toward different electronic devices or cloud platforms.

The customer is therefore interested in subscribing this offer for the supply of a set services described below. The offer of services is composed by:

Hardware E4 wrist-worn monitoring device

E4 wrist-worn monitoring device(s), which reads physiological data from the surface of the skin and can transmit it wirelessly to a receiver. More specifically the electronic device measures: BVP (blood volume pulse), EDA (Electrodermal Activity), Skin temperature, and 3-axis acceleration.

The E4 wristband is composed of:

The E4 has the following specifications:

The E4 contains the following sensors:

Software: Empatica Realtime Application

Empatica Realtime application license for iOS and some Android devices with BLE support, a mobile application that enables real-time monitoring and data collection from the E4.

Software: Empatica Manager for Desktop

Desktop application license, running on Windows and on Mac OS X that allows for the management and download of data acquired with the E4.(The E4 stores data in its internal memory when it is not streaming).

Software: Empatica Connect Platform

License of access and use of the Empatica online web platform, Connect (, for 1 administrative user per device. This data management application allows for the cloud based visualization and download of all E4 data. Data is organized in both calendar and list views. Researchers have full access to all the raw data collected by the sensor.

Empatica APIs

License for the EmpaLink library for 1 developer user per device. EmpaLink is a library that supports connecting to one or more Empatica E4 device(s) via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), specifically to receive real-time raw data and computed data from the connected devices.


The following terms apply for the supply of the services:

1) General terms:

  1. All the exposed prices are net values that exclude taxes.
  2. Any change that requires a substantial modification of the product as described in this document will be priced separately and its cost is excluded from the costs reported here.
  3. Any traveling cost for our personnel, related to any additional services requested by the customer, are not reported in this document and will be billed separately.
  4. Any additional and optional service related to the products in any of its forms, requested by our customer, will be negotiated separately for its development.
  5. This offer is valid for 30 days. Supply will be assessed at time of confirmation; it can vary between immediate availability and a delivery time of 6 weeks.
  6. Returns: in the case the offered service is not deemed satisfactory, the client is entitled to return it within 30 days after purchase. Only shipping costs will be deducted, when applicable, unless the products have been damaged by improper use.
  7. Empatica prides itself in offering great customer service. For any help, tutorial or info, a talented specialist will be available at
  8. Terms and conditions for the purchase as stated in the current offer, can be found at!agreement

2) Copyright

  1. The company Empatica S.r.l. hereby reserves the right to include the customer name and logo in its promotional material inherently to the object of this present offer (by including and not limiting at, the company website, brochures and user cases).
  2. The customer agrees to cite the “Empatica E4 wristband” in any publications of research conducted using the device. The customer is under no obligation to disclose the publication prior to submission for publication. The customer agrees to inform Empatica of any upcoming publications after acceptance. Empatica encourages the use of “open access” rights to published works that cite the E4 wristband whenever possible.