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Continuous medical grade monitoring for real world multi-site trials

Alert Embrace

Embrace and Mate enables subjects to continuously record and send physiological information to the cloud. With Empatica's Research Portal, researchers can cost effectively conduct multi-site studies and analyze data remotely and securely.

Our products are trusted by the world’s most renowned pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and academics.

Boston Children's Hospital
Harvard University
New York University
Epilepsy Foundation
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Drug Efficacy Trial
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals utilized the Embrace for Research platform during their international multi-site phase-4 anti-epileptic drug trial. Empatica’s FDA-cleared seizure detection algorithm and the Mate app e-diary allowed them to continuously monitor patients, gaining an objective insight to patients’ seizure counts while remotely monitoring subject compliance throughout the study.
Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority
Flu Prevention Study
The US government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is working to develop a digital endpoint for detecting the earliest signs of the flu. Through the use of Embrace2 wearables and Empatica data analysis expertise, they are engaged in a prospective study monitoring healthy individuals throughout the flu season with the aim to develop an early detection system.
Harvard University
Mental Health Study
Harvard University Clinical Psychologist Dr. Matthew K. Nock is using Embrace for Research to detect digital phenotypes related to suicidal thoughts in a multi-site study involving hundreds of individuals wearing Embrace2. This is the largest-yet study about suicidal behavior also measuring skin conductance levels as an objective way to assess changes in physiological distress in the participants.
4YouandMe, a non-profit company founded by Dr. Stephen H. Friend has partnered with clinicians at Oxford University and Mount Sinai School of Medicine to conduct a multi-site prospective cohort study utilizing the Embrace to monitor signs of stress and symptoms of Crohn's disease. The aim of this project is to provide biofeedback to patients with Crohn’s to potentially prevent negative clinical changes in their condition.
MIT Media Lab
Zero Gravity Study
MIT Media Lab’s doctoral student, Kristina T. Johnson has embarked on a journey to measure autonomic changes in parabolic flyers. Parabolic flight planes are notorious for inducing high levels of nausea and by using Empatica’s technology and other biosignal measures, Kristy and her team was able to gain an objective insight to novice and veteran flyer’s physiological well being during these flights.

How does Embrace for  
Research work?

Embrace2's sensors measure physiological parameters including electrodermal activity, motion, and skin temperature, which are continuously sent via Bluetooth® to the Mate App.
The Mate App automatically transfers the received Embrace data and diary entries to Empatica's cloud. A subset of the processed data are visualized in the app's 24-hours wheel.
Research Portal
Research Portal
Through the research portal you can manage your studies and access raw and processed data received from the subjects.

Multi-site studies

Build a research team and check the progress of multiple sites at a glance.

Team management

Each study or site created is isolate, you can fine tune access levels for each team member.

Easy set-up

By deploying a one-time-use QR code scan, we simplify subject enrollment while ensuring that there are no ID errors.

Optimal Research Platform

Review deployed device status, and monitor subject compliance in real time.

Potential savings per patient

Using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) can result in significant savings throughout all the phases of clinical trials. This graph illustrates an estimation of how much a pharmaceutical company can save per patient in each phase if using a solution like Embrace2 for Research.

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase I

Total saving per patient 
(Phase I)


Total saving per patient 
(Phase I and II)


Total saving per patient 
(Phase I, II and III)


A beautiful FDA-cleared wearable  with a minimalist design

This powerful sensor suite continuously collects skin temperature, accelerometry and electrodermal activity data.

Key Features

Embrace2 continuously collects skin-temperature (1Hz),  accelerometry (32Hz) and electrodermal activity (4Hz) data.
  • Waterproof (IP 67)
  • 48 hour battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Data-flow is seamless via a bluetooth connection to the Mate app
  • Weight: 13g (0.459oz)
Technical specifications


Electrodermal Activity (EDA)

Measures sympathethic nervous system activity manifested through the skin.


Helps identify intensity and frequency of movements that could be a seizure.


Together with the accelerometer, it detects sudden body position changes.


During a seizure, body temperature may be subject to change.

Discover how Embrace for Research can empower your study.

An end to paper diaries, the Mate app offers a consumer friendly e-diary

Working with Embrace to collect its data, Mate also allows for daily diary entries, along with visualizations of sleep and activity data, encouraging patients to stay engaged throughout the study. All this data is continuously sent to the Research Portal where researchers can review at a glance.

Mate Embrace

Raw Sensor Data

Summary Sensor Data

Automated Reports

Diary Data

Research Portal

Your cloud platform for research

Research Portal

The Research Portal is a HIPAA compliant online platform created for researchers all over the world for easy data gathering. The portal is optimized to enable global teamwork where you can also easily enroll and remotely manage subjects keeping a close eye on their compliance.

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Talk with our experts to discover how Embrace for Research can empower your investigation.

FDA clearance is limited to use for seizure alerting as an adjunct to seizure monitoring of adults and children of age 6 and up in home or healthcare facilities during period of rest. For more information please refer to FDA Clearance Summary. Battery performance is subject to variability and might degrade over time.
Embrace2 is classified as IP67, resistant to submersion in 1m (about 3.3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. The device is not intended to be worn in salt water or hot-tubs.
Each Embrace2 needs to be paired with one iOS or Android mobile device running the Mate app. Bluetooth® 4.0 low energy and WiFi/cellular internet connectivity are required on the paired device in order to upload Embrace2 sensor data to Empatica servers. For more information please check the dedicated support articles.

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