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2019 seizure detection

Prospective Evaluation of Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure Multimodal Detection Comparison between Pediatric and Adult Cohorts in EMU.

Onorati, Francesco, Regalia, G., Caborni, C., LaFrance, W. C., Blum, A. S., Bidwell, J., De Liso, P., El Atrache, R., Loddenkemper, T., Mohammadpour-Touserkani, F., Sarkis, R. A., Friedman, D., Jaschke, J., & Picard, R. (2019).

American Epilepsy Society 73rd Annual Meeting 2019, Baltimore, MD, USA.

2019 seizure detection

Prospective evaluation of seizure detection performance of the Embrace wristband on pediatric patients in the epilepsy monitoring unit.

Caborni, Chiara, Onorati, F., De Liso, P., Fusco, L., & Vigevano, F. (2019).

2nd International Congress on Mobile Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy. Lausanne, Switzerland.

2019 seizure detection

Wrist accelerometry-based detection of nocturnal myoclonic seizures.

Onorati, Francesco, Babilliot, L., Regalia, G., El Atrache, R., & Picard, R. (2019).

2nd International Congress on Mobile Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy. Lausanne, Switzerland.

2019 seizure detection

Improvement of generalized tonic-clonic seizure detection by Embrace wristband on inpatient and outpatient data.

Regalia, Giulia, Caborni, C., Migliorini, M., Picard, R., & Onorati, F. (2019)

2nd International Congress on Mobile Devices and Seizure Detection in Epilepsy. Lausanne, Switzerland.

2019 seizure detection

Multimodal wrist-worn devices for seizure detection and advancing research: Focus on the Empatica wristbands.

Regalia, Giulia, Onorati, F., Lai, M., Caborni, C., & Picard, R. W. (2019).

Epilepsy Research, 153, 79–82.

2019 stress

Public speaking anxiety in a real classroom: Towards developing a reflection system.

Lee, H., & Kleinsmith, A. (2019).

Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

2019 other

Using unobtrusive wearable sensors to measure the physiological synchrony between presenters and audience members.

Gashi, S., Di Lascio, E., & Santini, S. (2019).

Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., 3(1), 13:1–13:19.

2019 other

A machine learning-based approach for collaborative non-adherence detection during opioid abuse surveillance using a wearable biosensor.

Singh, R., Lewis, B., Chapman, B., Carreiro, S., & Venkatasubramanian, K. (2019).

Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, International Joint Conference, BIOSTEC

2018 seizure detection

Autonomic characterization of non-convulsive seizures based on wrist-worn sensors.

Babilliot, L., Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Picard, R., & Onorati, F. (2018).

American Epilepsy Society 72nd Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans.

2018 seizure detection

Clinical evaluation of the Embrace smartwatch detection capability of generalized tonic-clonic seizures recorded at the ankles.

Caborni, Chiara, Regalia, G., Onorati, F., & Picard, R. (2018).

American Epilepsy Society 72nd Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans.

2018 seizure detection

Common data elements for epilepsy mobile health systems.

Goldenholz, D. M., Moss, R., Jost, D. A., Crone, N. E., Krauss, G., Picard, R., Caborni, C., Cavazos, J. E., Hixson, J., Loddenkemper, T., Salazar, T. D., Lubbers, L., Harte‐Hargrove, L. C., Whittemore, V., Duun‐Henriksen, J., Dolan, E., Kasturia, N., Oberemk, M., Cook, M. J., … Shafer, P. O. (2018).

Epilepsia, 59(5), 1020–1026.

2018 seizure detection

Performance assessment of Embrace, the first FDA approved smartwatch for convulsive seizure detection.

Lai, M., Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Onorati, F., & Picard, R. (2018).

Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy meeting.

2018 seizure detection

Performance of a wrist-worn multimodal seizure detection system for more than a year in real-life settings.

Onorati, Francesco, Caborni, C., Guzman, M. F., Regalia, G., & Picard, R. W. (2018).

2018 seizure detection

Sleep and memory consolidation in older patients with epilepsy: A neurophysiologic analysis.

Sarkis, R. A., Puri, N., Putta, S., Caborni, C., Regalia, G., Picard, R., Pavlova, M., & Stickgold, R. (2018).

American Epilepsy Society 72nd Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans.

2018 other

HealthyClassroom: A proof-of-concept study for discovering students’ daily moods and classroom emotions to enhance a learning-teaching process using heterogeneous sensors.

Dao, M., & Dang Nguyen, D. T. (2017, November 12).

International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods 2018.

2018 sudep

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: Risk factors, biomarkers, and prevention.

DeGiorgio, C. M., Curtis, A., Hertling, D., & Moseley, B. D. (2018).

Acta Neurologica Scandinavica.

2018 stress

Using sensor technology to capture the structure and content of team interactions in medical emergency teams during stressful moments.

Endedijk, M., Hoogeboom, M., Groenier, M., de Laat, S., & van Sas, J. (2018).

Frontline Learning Research, 123–147.

2018 other

An inter-domain study for arousal recognition from physiological signals.

Gjoreski, M., Mitrevski, B., Luštrek, M., & Gams, M.

Informatica, 42(1).

2018 other

EngageMon: Multi-modal engagement sensing for mobile games.

Huynh, S., Kim, S., Ko, J., Balan, R. K., & Lee, Y. (2018).

Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., 2(1), 13:1–13:27.

2018 seizure detection

Are the days of counting seizures numbered?

Karoly, P., Goldenholz, D. M., & Cook, M. (2018).

Current Opinion in Neurology, 31(2), 162–168.

2018 stress

Just Breathe: In-car Interventions for guided slow breathing.

Paredes, P. E., Zhou, Y., Hamdan, N. A.-H., Balters, S., Murnane, E., Ju, W., & Landay, J. A. (2018).

Proc. ACM Interact. Mob. Wearable Ubiquitous Technol., 2(1), 28:1–28:23.

2018 other

Evaluation of the accuracy and reliability for photoplethysmography based heart rate and beat-to-beat detection during daily activities.

Pietilä, J., Mehrang, S., Tolonen, J., Helander, E., Jimison, H., Pavel, M., & Korhonen, I. (2018).

EMBEC & NBC 2017 (pp. 145–148). Springer Singapore.

2018 other

Profiling sympathetic arousal in a physics course: How active are students?

Pijeira-Díaz, H.J., Drachsler, H., Kirschner, P. A., & Järvelä, S. (2018).

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 34(4), 397–408.

2018 other

Recent trends in machine learning for human activity recognition—A survey.

Ramamurthy, S. R., & Roy, N. (2018).

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

2018 other

Tracking technologies and urban analysis: Adding the emotional dimension.

Shoval, N., Schvimer, Y., & Tamir, M. (2018).

Cities, 72, Part A, 34–42.

2018 other

Using sleep time data from wearable sensors for early detection of migraine attacks.

Siirtola, P., Koskimäki, H., Mönttinen, H., & Röning, J. (2018).

Sensors, 18(5), 1374.

2018 other

Continuous blood pressure estimation from PPG signal.

Slapničar, G., Luštrek, M., & Marinko, M. (2018).

Informatica, 42(1).

2018 epilepsy

RADAR-base: Major depressive disorder and epilepsy case studies.

Stewart, C. L., Rashid, Z., Ranjan, Y., Sun, S., Dobson, R. J. B., & Folarin, A. A. (2018).

International Symposium on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Wearable Computers, 1735–1743.

2018 other

A review of wearable solutions for physiological and emotional monitoring for use by people with autism spectrum disorder and their caregivers.

Taj-Eldin, M., Ryan, C., O’Flynn, B., & Galvin, P. (2018).

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 18(12).

2018 seizure detection

Seizure detection: Do current devices work? And when can they be useful?

Zhao, X., & Lhatoo, S. D. (2018).

Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports, 18(7).

2017 seizure detection

Multicenter clinical assessment of improved wearable multimodal convulsive seizure detectors.

Onorati, Francesco, Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Migliorini, M., Bender, D., Poh, M.-Z., Frazier, C., Kovitch Thropp, E., Mynatt, E. D., Bidwell, J., Mai, R., LaFrance, W. C., Blum, A. S., Friedman, D., Loddenkemper, T., Mohammadpour-Touserkani, F., Reinsberger, C., Tognetti, S., & Picard, R. W. (2017).

Epilepsia, 58(11), 1870–1879.

2017 sudep

Wrist sensor reveals sympathetic hyperactivity and hypoventilation before probable SUDEP.

Picard, R. W., Migliorini, M., Caborni, C., Onorati, F., Regalia, G., Friedman, D., & Devinsky, O. (2017).


2017 seizure detection

Real time Performance in Outpatient Settings for Embrace Seizure Detection System with User-Adjustable Sensitivity.

Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Picard, R., & Onorati, F. (2017).

American Epilepsy Society 71st Annual Meeting 2017, Washington D.C.

2017 seizure detection

Real time seizure detection performance with Embrace alert system, One year real-life setting case study.

Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Migliorini, M., Onorati, F., & Picard, R. W. (2017).

1st International congress on mobile health devices and seizure detection in epilepsy, Copenhaghen.

2017 seizure detection

Tuning decision thresholds for active/rest periods significantly improves seizure detection algorithm performance, An evaluation using Embrace Smartwatch on outpatient settings.

Caborni, C., Migliorini, M., Onorati, F., Regalia, G., & Picard, R. (2017).

32nd International Epilepsy Congress, Barcelona.

2017 other

ADMemento: A prototype of activity reminder and assessment tools for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. Social computing and social media.

Alhassan, S., Alrajhi, W., Alhassan, A., & Almuhrij, A. (2017).

Applications and Analytics, 32–43.

2017 other

Skin conductance as an in situ marker for emotional arousal in children with neurodevelopmental communication impairments: Methodological considerations and clinical implications.

Betancourt, M. A., Dethorne, L. S., Karahalios, K., & Kim, J. G. (2017).

ACM Transactions on Accessible Computing, 9(3), 1–29.

2017 other

Sleep Devices: Wearables and nearables, informational and interventional, consumer and clinical.

Bianchi, M. T. (2017).

Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental, 0(0).

2017 other

Using wearable technology to detect the autonomic signature of illness severity in schizophrenia.

Cella, M., Okruszek, Ł., Lawrence, M., Zarlenga, V., He, Z., & Wykes, T. (2017).

Schizophrenia Research, In Press.

2017 stress

Deep structures of collaboration: Physiological correlates of collective intelligence and group satisfaction.

Chikersal, P., Tomprou, M., Kim, Y. J., Woolley, A. W., & Dabbish, L. (2017).

20th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW 2017).

2017 stress

Racing heart and sweaty palms.

Chollet, M., Massachi, T., & Scherer, S. (2017).

Intelligent Virtual Agents (Vol. 10498, pp. 83–86). Springer International Publishing.

2017 other

Using emotions to empower the self-adaptation capability of software services.

Condori-Fernandez, N., & Lopez, F. S. (2017).

Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Emotion Awareness in Software Engineering, 15–21.

2017 other

Detection of atrial fibrillation episodes using a wristband device.

Corino, V. D. A., Laureanti, R., Ferranti, L., Scarpini, G., Lombardi, F., & Mainardi, L. (2017).

Physiological Measurement, Volume 38.

2017 other

Phyisiological biomarkers for detection of imminent aggression in minimally verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Cumpanasoiu, D., Mazefsky, C., Stedman, A., Peura, C., Tian, P., Guo, Y., Ioannidis, S., Erdogmus, D., Siegel, M., & Goodwin, M. S. (2017).

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 56, S256–S257.

2017 other

Effects of sharing physiological states of players in a collaborative virtual reality gameplay.

Dey, A., Piumsomboon, T., Lee, Y., & Billinghurst, M. (2017).

Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 4045–4056.

2017 other

TimeOut: Designing for emotional and cognitive control.

Flobak, E. (2017).

Master in Information Science. Universitas Bergensis.

2017 stress

Biometrics and policing: A protocol for multichannel sensor data collection and exploratory analysis of contextualized psychophysiological response during law enforcement operations.

Furberg, R. D., Taniguchi, T., Aagaard, B., Ortiz, A. M., Hegarty-Craver, M., Gilchrist, K. H., & Ridenour, T. A. (2017).

JMIR Research Protocols, 6(3), e44.

2017 stress

Objective assessment of depressive symptoms with machine learning and wearable sensors data.

Ghandeharioun, A., Fedor, S., Sangermano, L., Ionescu, D., Alpert, J., Dale, C., Sontag, D., & Picard, R. (2017).

International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), San Antonio, Texas.

2017 sleep

Objective vs. subjective reports of sleep quality in major depressive disorder: A pilot study.

Ghandeharioun, A., Sangermano, L., Picard, R. W., Alpert, J., Dale, C., Ionescu, D., & Fedor, S. (2017).

Anxiety and Depression Conference (ADAA), San Francisco, California.

2017 other

Classification of physiological data for emotion recognition.

Gouverneur, P., Jaworek-Korjakowska, J., Köping, L., Shirahama, K., Kleczek, P., & Grzegorzek, M. (2017).

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, 619–627.

2017 other

The impact of soundtrack congruency on the aesthetic experience of contemporary dance: Exploring aesthetic interaction in terms of arousal and enjoyment ratings in three audio settings.

Howlin, C., Orgs, G., & Vicary, S. (2017).

25th Anniversary Conference of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Ghent, Belgium.

2017 other

Using wearable physiological sensors to predict energy expenditure.

Ingraham, K. A., Ferris, D. P., & Remy, C. D. (2017).

2017 International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR)

2017 other

All inkjet-printed graphene-based conductive patterns for wearable e-textile applications.

Karim, N., Afroj, S., Malandraki, A., Butterworth, S., Beach, C., Rigout, M., Novoselov, K. S., Casson, A. J., & Yeates, S. G. (2017).

Journal of Materials Chemistry C.

2017 other

Preferences in tracking dimensions for wearable technology.

Koo, H. S., & Fallon, K. (2017).

International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology.

2017 other

Early detection of migraine attacks based on wearable sensors: Experiences of data collection using Empatica E4.

Koskimäki, H., Mönttinen, H., Siirtola, P., Huttunen, H.-L., Halonen, R., & Röning, J. (2017).

Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing and Proceedings.

2017 other

Energy efficient heart rate sensing using a painted electrode ECG wearable.

Krachunov, S., Beach, C., Casson, A. J., Pope, J., Fafoutis, X., Piechocki, R. J., & Craddock, I. (2017).

2017 Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS).

2017 other

Promoting CARE: Changes via Awareness, Recognition and Experience.

Landoni, M., Fedosov, A., & Niforatos, E. (2017).

Proceedings of the 2017 Conference on Interaction Design and Children, 783–787.

2017 other

Exploring the behaviour of distracted drivers during different levels of automation in driving.

Large, D. R., Banks, V. A., Burnett, G., Baverstock, S., & Skrypchuk, L. (2017).

International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention (DDI2017).

2017 sudep

Nocturnal seizures are associated with more severe hypoxemia and increased risk of postictal generalized EEG suppression.

Latreille, V., Abdennadher, M., Dworetzky, B. A., Ramel, J., White, D., Katz, E., Zarowski, M., Kothare, S., & Pavlova, M. (2017).


2017 other

Exploring the effect of vibrotactile feedback through the floor on social presence in an immersive virtual environment.

Lee, M., Bruder, G., & Welch, G. F. (2017).

Virtual Reality (VR), 2017 IEEE, 105–111.

2017 other

Mobile Health Technology Using a Wearable Sensorband for Female College Students With Problem Drinking: An Acceptability and Feasibility Study.

Leonard, N. R., Silverman, M., Sherpa, D. P., Naegle, M. A., Kim, H., Coffman, D. L., & Ferdschneider, M. (2017).

JMIR MHealth and UHealth, 5(7), e90.

2017 other

Wearable sensors for remote health monitoring.

Majumder, S., Mondal, T., & Deen, M. J. (2017).

Sensors, 17(1), 130.

2017 other

Internet of Things based e-health systems: Ideas, expectations and concerns.

Maksimović, M., & Vujović, V. (2017).

In Handbook of Large-Scale Distributed Computing in Smart Healthcare (pp. 241–280).

2017 other

Short communication: Emerging technologies for biometeorology.

Mehdipoor, H., Vanos, J. K., Zurita-Milla, R., & Cao, G. (2017).

International Journal of Biometeorology, 1–8.

2017 other

A Driver State Detection System-Combining a Capacitive Hand Detection Sensor With Physiological Sensors.

Mühlbacher-Karrer, S., Mosa, A. H., Faller, L. M., Ali, M., Hamid, R., Zangl, H., & Kyamakya, K. (2017).

IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, PP(99), 1–13.

2017 other

Biosensing and geography: A mixed methods approach.

Osborne, T., & Jones, P. I. (2017).

Applied Geography, 87, 160–169.

2017 sleep

A deep learning-based approach for the recognition of sleep disorders in patients with cognitive diseases: A case study.

Paragliola, G., & Coronato, A. (2017).

Annals of Computer Science and Information Systems, Volume 12.

2017 other

Integrating Ema, clinical assessment and wearable sensors to examine the association between major depressive disorder (MDD) and alcohol use.

Pedrelli, P., Howe, E., Mischoulon, D., Picard, R., Ghandeharioun, A., & Fedor, S. (2017).

Connected Health Conference.

2017 other

The revolution of personalized psychiatry: Will technology make it happen sooner?

Perna, G., Grassi, M., Caldirola, D., & Nemeroff, C. B. (2017).

Psychological Medicine, 1–9.

2017 other

Quantity of movement as a measure of engagement for dementia: The influence of motivational disorders.

Perugia, G., Rodríguez-Martín, D., Boladeras, M. D., Mallofré, A. C., Barakova, E., & Rauterberg, M. (2017).

American Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementiasr, 1533317517739700.

2017 other

Biometrics wave poised to transform future driving.

Praveen, J. (2017).

Biometric Technology Today, 2017(5), 5–8.

2017 other

Emotion recognition using physiological signals: Laboratory vs. wearable sensors.

Ragot, M., Martin, N., Em, S., Pallamin, N., & Diverrez, J.-M. (2017).

Advances in Human Factors in Wearable Technologies and Game Design, 15–22.

2017 other

Space–Emotion in acousmatic music.

Ratti, F. S., & Bravo, C. F. (2017).

Organised Sound, 22(3), 394–405.

2017 other

Using support vector machines for atrial fibrillation screening.

Rivera, D., Veiga, C., Rodríguez-Andina, J. J., Fariña, J., & García, E. (2017).

2017 IEEE 26th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE).

2017 other

A Survey of Wearable Devices and Challenges.

Seneviratne, S., Hu, Y., Nguyen, T., Lan, G., Khalifa, S., Thilakarathna, K., Hassan, M., & Seneviratne, A. (2017).

IEEE Communications Surveys Tutorials, PP(99), 1–1.

2017 stress

Social and competition stress detection with wristband physiological signals.

Sevil, M., Hajizadeh, I., Samadi, S., Feng, J., Lazaro, C., Frantz, N., Yu, X., Brandt, R., Maloney, Z., & Cinar, A. (2017).

2017 IEEE 14th International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN), 39–42.

2017 other

Real-time measurement of tourists’ objective and subjective emotions in time and space.

Shoval, N., Schvimer, Y., & Tamir, M. (2017).

Journal of Travel Research, 0047287517691155.

2017 other

Expanding the scope of learning analytics data: Preliminary findings on attention and self-regulation using wearable technology.

Spann, C. A., Schaeffer, J., & Siemens, G. (2017).

Proceedings of the Seventh International Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference, 203–207.

2017 other

On the impact of affect in software engineering.

Tourani, P. (2017).

Université de Montréal.

2017 seizure detection

Automated epileptic seizure detection based on wearable ECG and PPG in a hospital environment.

Vandecasteele, K., De Cooman, T., Gu, Y., Cleeren, E., Claes, K., Paesschen, W., Huffel, S., & Hunyadi, B. (2017).

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2017 other

Joint action aesthetics.

Vicary, S., Sperling, M., Zimmermann, J. von, Richardson, D. C., & Orgs, G. (2017).

PLOS ONE, 12(7), e0180101.

2017 other

Mood controlled affective ambiences for the elderly.

Willems, P. (2017).

University of Twente.

2017 other

Arousal detection for biometric data in built environments using machine learning.

Yates, H., Chamberlain, B., Norman, G., & Hsu, W. H. (2017).

IJCAI 2017 Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Affective Computing, 58–72.

2017 other

Mediated atmospheres: A multimodal mediated work environment.

Zhao, N., Azaria, A., & Paradiso, J. A. (2017).

Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, 1(2), 1–23.

2016 seizure detection

Improvement of a convulsive seizure detector relying on accelerometer and electrodermal activity collected continuously by a wristband.

Onorati, Francesco, Regalia, G., Caborni, C., & Picard, R. (2016).

2016 Epilepsy Pipeline Conference, San Francisco, California.

2016 seizure detection

Embrace, a wearable convulsive seizure detection and alert system. First performance report of a case study in real-life settings.

Picard, R., Regalia, G., Caborni, C., Migliorini, M., & Onorati, F. (2016).

American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting.

2016 seizure detection

A wristband assessment of accelerometryand autonomic activity of epileptic patients.

Caborni, C., Onorati, F., Regalia, G., Migliorini, M., & Picard, R. (2016).

Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy.

2016 seizure detection

Improving convulsive seizure detection by exploiting data from outpatient settings using the Embrace wristband.

Onorati, F., Regalia, G., Caborni, C., & Picard, R. (2016).

12th European Congress on Epileptology, Prague.

2016 other

A review of theoretical and practical challenges of trusted autonomy in big data.

Abbass, H. A., Leu, G., & Merrick, K. (2016).

IEEE Access, 4, 2808–2830.

2016 other

The use of multidimensional biopsychological markers to detect learning in educational gaming environments.

Alstad, Z., Dahlstrom-Hakki, I., Asbell-Clarke, J., Rowe, E., & Altman, M. (2016).

IEEE Access

2016 other

A thermal emotion classifier for improved human-robot interaction.

Boccanfuso, L., Wang, Q., Leite, I., Li, B., Torres, C., Chen, L., Salomons, N., Foster, C., Barney, E., & Ahn, Y. A. (2016).

Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), 2016 25th IEEE International Symposium On, 718–723.

2016 other

Remote patient monitoring for improving outpatient care of patients at risk for sepsis.

Bui, T., Grayson, M., Hofer, K., McGuire, K., Morrow, M., Rodammer, N., Farooque, A., Barnes, L. E., & Patek, S. (2016).

2016 IEEE Systems and Information Engineering Design Symposium (SIEDS), 136–141.

2016 epilepsy

Multi-Biosignal Analysis for Epileptic Seizure Monitoring.

Cogan, D., Birjandtalab, J., Nourani, M., Harvey, J., & Nagaraddi, V. (2016).

International Journal of Neural Systems, 1650031.

2016 epilepsy

A short review and primer on electrodermal activity in human computer interaction applications.

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ArXiv Preprint ArXiv:1608.06986.

2016 other

An eye-tracking assessment of coronary care nurses during the interpretation of patient monitoring scenarios.

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Computing in Cardiology 2016, Vancouver, Canada.

2016 other

Leveraging biometric data to boost software developer productivity.

Fritz, T., & Müller, S. C. (2016).

2016 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering (SANER), 5, 66–77.

2016 other

From big data to deep insight in developmental science.

Gilmore, R. O. (2016).

Wiley interdisciplinary reviews: Cognitive science.

2016 stress

Continuous stress detection using a wrist device: In laboratory and real life.

Gjoreski, M., Gjoreski, H., Luštrek, M., & Gams, M. (2016).

Proceedings of the 2016 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing: Adjunct, 1185–1193.

2016 other

Remembering through lifelogging: A survey of human memory augmentation.

Harvey, M., Langheinrich, M., & Ward, G. (2016).

Pervasive and Mobile Computing.

2016 other

Managing emotions for the treatment of patients with chronic low back pain.

Iranzo, R. M. G., Gomà, J. V., & Pascual, F. V. (2016).

Proceedings of the XVII International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, 30:1–30:2.

2016 seizure detection

Safe and sound? A systematic literature review of seizure detection methods for personal use.

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Seizure, 36, 4–15.

2016 other

Emerging security mechanisms for medical cyber physical systems.

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2016 other

Visualizing excitement of individuals and groups.

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2016 other

Method for improving EEG based emotion recognition by combining it with synchronized biometric and eye tracking technologies in a non-invasive and low cost way.

López-Gil, J.-M., Virgili-Gomá, J., Gil, R., & García, R. (2016).

Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 85.

2016 other

Emotional arousal estimation while reading comics based on physiological signal analysis.

Matsubara, M., Augereau, O., Sanches, C. L., & Kise, K. (2016).

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on CoMics ANalysis, Processing and Understanding, 7:1–7:4.

2016 other

Validation of the Empatica E4 wristband.

McCarthy, C., Pradhan, N., Redpath, C., & Adler, A. (2016).

2016 IEEE EMBS International Student Conference (ISC).

2016 other

Using biometric sensors to increase developers’ productivity.

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University of Zurich, Switzerland 2016.

2016 other

Using (bio)metrics to predict code quality online.

Müller, S. C., & Fritz, T. (2016).

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2016 stress

A comparison of wearable and stationary sensors for stress detection.

Ollander, S., Godin, C., Campagne, A., & Charbonnier, S. (2016).

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2016 stress

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