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Experience newfound freedom and peace of mind. Built on the legacy of Embrace2, EpiMonitor is everything you need in an all-in-one solution for seizure alerting and epilepsy monitoring. Enhanced with new features, and a powerful and stylish medical smartwatch, it is a complete companion for people living with epilepsy.

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For those living internationally outside of the US, Embrace2 is still available for purchase! Get yours here

The Alert App pairs up with Embrace and sends your chosen caregivers an automated SMS and phone call when Embrace detects unusual patterns that may be associated with a generalized tonic-clonic seizure.

How the alert works

Event Detection
1. Event detection
Embrace continuously collects physiological data via its sensors. The data is analyzed in real-time to identify unusual patterns in movement and skin conductance.
Alert Dispatching
2. Alert dispatching
The Alert App connects to your Embrace via Bluetooth®. When Embrace detects unusual patterns that may be associated to a convulsive seizure, the Alert App sends an automated call and SMS to your chosen Caregivers using the smartphone’s cellular data or Wi-Fi connection.
Caregiver Alert
3. Caregiver Alert
The Embrace Alert System notifies your Caregivers simultaneously. Caregivers only need a phone with cellular signal to receive these notifications, no smartphone required.
Important: Alert App requires both Bluetooth® and either an Internet or cellular data connection in order to deliver notifications.

Get the most out of the Alert App

Rest Mode
Rest Mode

Whether you are sleeping, reading a book or watching TV, Rest Mode will monitor your signals and immediately alert for possible tonic-clonic seizures.

Alert Location
Alerts with Location

Enhance alerts with your precise GPS location to expedite assistance.

Alert Caregivers
Manage Caregivers

Ensure you always have someone ready to help. Activate and deactivate caregivers as you go about your day.

How Embrace is changing lives for its Users

United States
"The Embrace has literally changed my life so drastically that I now consider myself free from the restraints of a constant caretaker. It has given me a reason to look forward to life and have hope."
United Kingdom
"As a mum of two children, the Embrace puts my mind at rest knowing that if I were to have a seizure my children wouldn't be alone dealing with it for too long, help would arrive fairly quickly :)."
"I wear my Embrace 24/7. Knowing that if I have a seizure my family will be notified has given me so much confidence."

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Alert App do?

The Alert App notifies your active caregivers with a phone call and text message containing your GPS location whenever Embrace2 detects a possible tonic-clonic seizure. Without Alert downloaded on your phone and configured with an active subscription plan, caregivers cannot be alerted.

Who should download the Alert App?

The person using Embrace should download the Alert app on their paired mobile device. Caregivers won't need to download it to receive alerts.

Alert App requires both Bluetooth® and either an Internet or cellular data connection in order to deliver notifications.

We do not guarantee that Embrace and the Alert App will detect every single seizure and deliver alerts accordingly. They are not meant to substitute your current seizure monitoring practices, but rather to serve as a supplement in expediting first-response time.

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