Celebrating Father's Day: A child's perspective on Dad's work

Father's Day is a time to celebrate and appreciate all the dads and father figures out there for their love, support, and guidance toward their children. Whether someone is a stay-at-home dad, remote-working dad, or juggling between office time and family time, their role as caregiver is one to be praised and celebrated.

In Italy, where one of Empatica's offices is based, and in many other European countries, Father's day falls on March 19th 2024.

In the USA, where Empatica has another office, as well as Canada, the UK, and many other countries around the world, Father's day falls on June 16th 2024.

Given that many Empaticans in our Milan office are also very proud dads, we thought we might celebrate their roles as fathers by allowing their children to have complete authority on what their job titles should be.

As a full-stack company that produces medical wearables, clinically validated digital biomarkers, and complex solutions for clinical research, we were very curious to have children’s perspectives of what their dads do all day.

We encouraged our Empatica dads (unaware that their job titles were at stake) to ask their children one very important question: What is Dad’s job?

The answers we received were incredibly sweet, and we hope our Empatica dads will wear their new job titles and descriptions with pride this week, as they were all produced out of genuine love.

Andrea V, currently Empatica’s Finance Director, has been assigned the title of Mumbers Analyst by his two daughters of 5 and 2 years. Their response to dad’s job description was:

“works on the computer and analyzes mumbers”

Our Security Engineer, Jozef is now a Computer Computerist as his 4-year-old son described his job as:

“My daddy computes on a computer to earn money”

Andrea C, Embedded Software Engineer, and Andrea S, Product Manager, are now Callers and Email senders as their respective children describe them as having “caaaaaaaaalllls.”

Our Technical Support Leader Roberto is not surprisingly a People Helper as his 8-year-old daughter describes him:

“helping some people to work, like if someone doesn’t know something, or someone new comes you help them, you tell them what to do, that’s it”

Two of our Empatica Dads are being promoted to Watch Makers with very specific specializations:
Dario, Hardware Engineering Manager is a White Watch Maker as his 2-year-old daughter sweetly describes him.
Niccolò, our Data Science Manager is a White/Gray Watch Maker as his 6 and 4-year-old daughters specifically state

“Dad makes watches that can be either white or gray, and works on the computer”

We also have a visual demonstration from Niccolò’s children where they accurately draw our EmbracePlus.

Niccolo work station

Pietro, iOS Software Engineer is a Difficult Things Solver as his 4-year-old daughter states:

“Dad does this and that, the most difficult things with his friends, but they know they can do everything or they study to complete all the difficult things they said they would do, and once they do them, they eat”

And finally, our Chief Software Architect Maurizio instead can embrace his new title of Chief Watch Enforcer as his daughters very clearly state:

“you find colleagues that don’t have watches and you put them on them”

As for all the Empatica dads that have babies that cannot articulate words yet, their job titles will be GooGoos until further notice.

We hope all our Empatica dads had fun with this little task and can enjoy a wonderful Father’s day with their little ones. And a reminder to all the dads that work long hours on the computer, don’t forget to go for a walk, and to our Empatica dads, remember you can also use Gympass!

We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes and that traditional gender roles and family structures may not apply to everyone. Whether you are a dad, a grandparent, a single parent, a guardian, or any other loving figure in a child's life, you play a vital role in shaping their worldviews and teaching them valuable lessons about love, responsibility, and hard work, this Father's day is for you as well!

Happy Father's Day!