Discover the EmbracePlus Actigraphy sensor modes for optimal activity, sleep, and motion data collection

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EmbracePlus EmbracePlus

The world’s most advanced smartwatch for continuous health monitoring

Meet EmbracePlus, the ultimate medical wearable. Combining the precision of Empatica’s digital biomarkers with powerful sensors and a beautiful design.

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Limitless data

EmbracePlus has been engineered and designed to be the most powerful smartwatch in the world for physiological data collection. It comes in a beautiful, waterproof design packed with the broadest range of sensors available in a smartwatch, an E-Ink display, and non-stop data streaming, making it the medical wearable that both professionals and patients will love.

One medical wearable for multiple conditions


Empowering breakthroughs in Neurology

From Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Epilepsy, to Strokes, Brain injuries and Neuroinfectious diseases, neurological disorders affect and debilitate nearly one sixth of the world’s population, but research outside of the hospital remains extremely difficult.

Patient monitoring

Taking health monitoring beyond hospital walls

Effective chronic disease management can help avoid hospitalizations and serious complications.1 EmbracePlus is the world’s most advanced wrist-worn health monitor, designed to be worn comfortably at home, in real life, all day long. Its human-friendly design and interface can encourage a better lifestyle while making tracking people’s health easy, instant, and continuous.

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1. An Empirical Study of Chronic Diseases in the United States: A Visual Analytics Approach to Public Health

    Space Health

    Clinical research in real-world settings

    EmbracePlus is the medical wearable that empowers clinical-quality data collection through a fully flexible platform.

    Advanced optical PPG (Photoplethysmogram)

    Clinically-validated PR and PRV measurements through a custom-made sensor

    Ventral EDA sensor (Electrodermal activity)

    Detects subtle changes in electrical conductance at the surface of the skin

    Accelerometer and Gyroscope

    Raw accelerometry data and motion intensity detection

    Digital temperature sensor

    Reads peripheral skin temperature

    IP67 waterproofing

    Can be worn and submerged in water up to 1m/3ft deep for 30 mins

    Optimized sampling rates

    Obtain the best Pulse Rate and Pulse Rate Variability performances while maintaining good battery consumption

    E Ink display

    Status indicators and always-on clock face synchronized with connected phone

    Sensors and digital biomarkers

    Equipped with the most advanced sensors for longitudinal data collection combined with clinically validated digital biomarkers

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    Sensor modes

    Sensor modes are predefined configurations for EmbracePlus that enable the device to focus on collecting specific parameters that are key to your study. Talk to our team to find out how sensor modes can enhance the data collection capabilities of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform.

    Actigraphy Pro

    • 7-day battery life
    • All actigraphy digital biomarkers and raw accelerometry data included
    • 64Hz sampling rate
    • Plus Wearing Time, EDA, and Temperature

    Actigraphy Optimized

    • 14-day battery life
    • All actigraphy digital biomarkers and raw accelerometry data included
    • 32Hz sampling rate

    SpO2 Pro

    • 64 Hz PPG sampling rate
    • High-quality SpO2 and Pulse Rate measurements plus additional sensor data and digital biomarkers
    • Full suite of reports

    Pulse rate Pro

    • 64 Hz PPG sampling rate
    • High-quality Pulse Rate measurements plus additional sensor data and digital biomarkers
    • Full suite of reports
    ce certified

    Empatica Care

    Instantly track and analyze the vital signs of multiple patients simultaneously with our medical-grade, AI-powered remote monitoring.

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    Find out how EmbracePlus can empower your clinical trials, remote health monitoring, and longitudinal studies.

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