Getting Embrace through Charity Organizations

One of the questions we get asked ever so often is if there are grants or donations for purchasing the Embrace watch at discounted prices or getting it for free. At Empatica, we understand that living with epilepsy can be a financial burden, so we’d like to make Embrace more accessible to anyone who might require financial support to purchase one.

While we do not directly offer programs for Embrace donations or discount codes, we decided to partner with some charity organizations in different countries to make our goal achievable. At the launch of the Embrace through our crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo, we donated about 1500 Embrace watches to the Epilepsy Foundation. Since then, we have also established other types of partnerships with other organizations. Most of these charity organizations have discount codes from Empatica, which can be given to people who want to purchase Embrace through them, while a few others are able to donate Embraces to individuals or families that need one, depending on the organization’s set requirements.

To check if we have partnered with a charity organization in your locality, please fill in this form and you will be directed to a charity close to you.

Please note that Embrace is a seizure monitoring device, designed to detect patterns associated with tonic-clonic convulsive seizures lasting for 20 seconds or longer. It will not detect complex partial, absence or other seizure types. Before contacting the charity organizations, you can watch the video on how the Embrace2 works.

Charity organizations interested in partnering with Empatica can also contact us directly through

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