Embrace testimonials

Brittney, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"I walked away to make lunch and the Embrace texted and called both my husband and I to let us know our daughter was having a seizure. Now I won't have to worry about missing a seizure."
Maria, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"My stress level has gone way down and I sleep better now knowing that my son Noah, born with Hydrocephalus, has the #EmbraceWatch."
Jennifer, Embrace User
United States
"The #EmbraceWatch for me means I can fall asleep knowing I am a little safer against #SUDEP. It means lower rates of #depression for myself. It means more #freedom for me during the day."
Amar, Embrace User
"I’ve been suffering with #Epilepsy for 18 years. With the Embrace I can now move in total freedom and recently I’ve been able to finish my studies: I’m a chemist!"
Becky, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"Life before the #EmbraceWatch was stressful. Now, if Gianna has a seizure, I will know as soon as it happens, along with her other Caregivers, and can make arrangements for whoever is closest to her to go help."
Jessica, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"Thanks to the Embrace I now have a peace of mind knowing that my daughter is not all alone. If I don't catch the seizure myself the watch will. It has given me and her too a feeling of reassurance and safety."
Callie, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"Every single one of the past 629 nights, I have had to let go, to convince myself to go to sleep. I am incredibly grateful for Tucker's new #EmbraceWatch . I know that it does not change the reality of his condition, but it does change my experience living with it."
Danielle, Mom & Caregiver
United States
"We’ve had our #EmbraceWatch since about the end of September 2016 and it has become a sense of relief for the whole family, including Abbygael who isn't afraid to talk to people about her watch and reminds you to put it on her!"
Justin, Embrace User
United States
"The Embrace has literally changed my life so drastically that I now consider myself free from the restraints of a constant caretaker. It has given me a reason to look forward to life and have hope."
Clair, Embrace User
United Kingdom
"As a mum of two children, the Embrace puts my mind at rest knowing that if I were to have a seizure my children wouldn't be alone dealing with it for too long, help would arrive fairly quickly :)."
Katie, Embrace User
"I wear my Embrace 24/7. Knowing that if I have a seizure my family will be notified has given me so much confidence."
Jay, Dad & Caregiver
United States
"Here's a picture of my son wearing the #EmbraceWatch. We like the Mate app that shows the sleep patterns!"
Karen, Embrace User
Costa Rica
"I live a busy, active lifestyle and I love #monitoring the quality of my #sleep. Great things come in small packages. Pura vida!"
Morgan, Embrace User
United States
"When my mom was notified that I needed help, I had blankets and pillows over my head. #Forevergrateful"
DJ Hapa
DJ Hapa, Embrace User
United States
"Embrace2 allows you to gain your independence back with peace of mind, knowing that it will alert your caregivers when you need help."
Sophie, Embrace User
United Kingdom
"It's brilliant, made my recent appointment with a new neurologist so much easier to prepare for."

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Alert App requires both Bluetooth® and either an Internet or cellular data connection in order to deliver notifications.
We do not guarantee that Embrace and the Alert App will detect every single seizure and deliver alerts accordingly. They are not meant to substitute your current seizure monitoring practices, but rather to serve as a supplement in expediting first-response time.

The Embrace Story

How It all began

In 2007, the team at MIT Media Lab led by Prof. Rosalind Picard – Empatica’s Chief Scientist – developed a wearable that measured changes on the surface of the skin communicating the main component of stress. For the first time in daily life, you could easily see when stress started to grow, even before you might notice it.

While trying to help people with autism be better understood, Picard’s team found an unusually high response from one participant. It turned out to be a seizure. This led to new investigations with Boston Children's Hospital. With data from over 90 patients, the team learned they had built a more accurate method for seizure detection.

Their research was published in top peer-reviewed medical and engineering journals, patents were issued, and later Empatica improved upon their original sensor, creating sensors that are now used in top hospitals and scientific studies worldwide.

Crowdfunding of Embrace: a research device available to everyone


After the research of Picard’s team was published, many families asked for a personal version of the device to send alerts when a seizure might be happening.

The Embrace was designed specifically for people with epilepsy and carefully crafted not to be stigmatizing. With award-winning design, Embrace represents an example of what technology should be: caring, more human, and available to everyone.

To bring the idea to life in the shortest time possible, Empatica launched a crowdfunding campaign for Embrace at the end of 2014. It successfully reached the target of $100,000 in 24 hours. The overwhelming support received through social media, real-life stories, questions, and product feedback, exemplified the amazing passion for Embrace and Empatica’s mission.

We at Empatica are extremely thankful to our supporters that shared this journey with us. Every contribution to the campaign made a difference, we would not be here without our supporters' help.

Make it yours

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These are experiences of individuals who have used the Embrace system. Individual results may vary.

We do not guarantee that Embrace and the Alert App will detect every single seizure and deliver alerts accordingly. They are not meant to substitute your current seizure monitoring practices, but rather to serve as a supplement in expediting first-response time

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