GiveBack Friday: Help us gift Embrace2 watches!

Embrace2 has been created to give peace of mind to friends and families of people living with epilepsy. We understand that living with epilepsy can be hard, and one of the difficulties of managing the condition is knowing when a person is having a seizure to offer help as needed. This is where Embrace comes in, helping people with epilepsy live fuller lives.

Epilepsy can be a financial burden on families. It involves costs for medications, hospital visits, treatments, and surgeries when necessary, and we understand that some cannot afford solutions such as ours. We would, however, like to get Embrace into the hands of as many people as possible, so this Black Friday, we are focusing on Epilepsy Warriors who need help purchasing an Embrace2 but can’t afford one.

Throughout the week of Black Friday until Cyber Monday, we’ll be donating an amount, from the proceeds of each Embrace2 sold, towards funding one for a person in need, through the Danny Did Foundation.

If you’re still considering to purchase an Embrace2, after determining that it is right for you, head over to our website between the 22nd of November and the 2nd of December to get one. By doing so, you’ll be helping us fund Embrace2 devices for people that need it, and in essence, join us in giving back to society.

You can find out more about what Embrace does and how it works by watching our animated video. If you are in the United States, you’ll need to upload a prescription before we can ship it. Not to worry, you can make your purchase within the Black Friday week and upload your prescription later, so that you can be a part of our GiveBack Friday.

After purchase, you can let people know that you have been a part of this by sharing it on your social media channels with the hashtag #GiveBackFriday!

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