Be a part of one of the fastest-growing and most innovative industries in tech

Each year, 2 graduate students are given the opportunity to dive into the intricacies of digital healthcare with the means to solve real problems, while joining a team of young, friendly, and international people eager to make a difference.

What to expect

The program

The Empatica Engineering Graduate Program is an intensive on-the-job formative experience for up-and-coming engineers that cannot wait to put their newly acquired skills to the test.

The program includes a series of rotations over the span of 12 months, giving participants the chance to fully explore the different paths a full-stack company such as Empatica. By the end of the program, we aim to find the perfect placements for participants to keep pushing Empatica’s mission forward.

Our Engineering Specialities


The tools and programming languages you will be using


Who can apply

You’re an ideal candidate if:
  • You recently graduated
  • You’re keen to be part of a talented team
  • You get along easily with people from different backgrounds
  • You’re not scared of challenges
  • You’re eager to start tackling projects and solve real problems

Talent is only one part of the equation. We seek empathy, courage, and passion, to feel at home with our company culture. A good level of English is the only requirement.

A few words from last year's graduates

Being part of Empatica’s Engineering Graduate Program is one of the most challenging and formative experiences I have ever had.

Giulia 2021 Grad

I’ll definitely recommend this program to everyone who wants to go into the professional world and still doesn’t know what engineers do in the real world, or what they want to become; to everyone that is very curious and ready to learn, and to those who like changes and love to be dynamic.

Vania 2021 Grad

I like the Graduate Program because I have the opportunity to learn many technical skills from different software areas; from completely new knowledge to improving the knowledge that I already had. It also helped me have a deeper look at how all teams involved in the development of a product work together.

Andrés 2021 Grad

The where and when

Milan (IT)
From September 12th, 2022 to September 8th, 2023

The program takes place in our Milan office. Despite being mostly located in Milan (IT), the program is held in English and no knowledge of Italian is required.

The selection process

  1. 01. Application

    The first step happens right on this page. You will go through a series of questions about your skills and motivations on a Typeform, so we can get to know you.

  2. 02. Screening

    During this time, applications will be reviewed and candidates will be selected to move on to the next step. We will then reach out to all candidates about the outcome.

  3. 03. Interviews

    The selected candidates will proceed with a round of interviews meeting the Engineering teams, People, and Operations Team, and the final candidates will get a chance to talk with the CEO. Candidates will also be invited to spend half a day in our office with free lunch!

  4. 04. Offer

    Finally, 2 candidates will be selected and presented with an offer to start the Empatica Graduate Program.

What we offer

We believe a strong work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to fuel performance, which is why every position at Empatica comes with great responsibility and perks:

Competitive Salary

Competitive Salary

Free healthy lunch every day

Free healthy lunch every day

Healthy treats and Friday gelato

Healthy treats and Friday gelato

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

Personal Macbook

Personal Macbook

Gym membership and access to mental health and wellness platforms

Gym membership and access to mental health and wellness platforms

About Empatica

We are a harmonious ecosystem of experts innovating across a range of fields. We are driven by empathy and connected by our shared passion to revolutionize healthcare through innovative technology, in order to provide better outcomes for millions of patients across the world. Our holistic approach and interdisciplinary skills allow us to build beautiful products that seamlessly integrate hardware, software, design, and data science.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have some previous work experience, can I apply anyway?

The Graduate Program is meant for people without prior working experience. However, if you have some experience in a company or as a freelancer you may still apply.

Is the program only for Italian speakers?

Although based in Milan, Empatica is an international company, and speaking Italian is not a requirement for us. We are happy to accept applications from candidates all around the world! Business level English is the only language requirement.

I don’t speak English, can I apply to the program?

Unfortunately no. Empatica is a multicultural environment, with 20+ nationalities represented, English is required in order to properly communicate with other colleagues and successfully run the program.

I have not yet finished my studies, can I apply?

Yes, the program is open to any candidate who has recently graduated or is graduating. Please keep in mind that the program is structured as a full-time job so you must be able to manage your time appropriately.

I didn’t study an Engineering subject, but I have the required skills. Can I still apply?

Yes, as long as you have a good set of engineering skills, you can apply.

I would like to apply but the program dates do not fit my graduation schedule, can they be flexible?

You can still apply, just be sure to mention your schedule in the final step of the application form. We’ll evaluate case-by-case, and reach out to you if further information is required.

Do I need to submit a CV for the application?

CV is not required but welcomed. If you have one ready, please share it with us.

Does the program terminate after 12 months?

The program lasts 12 months, but the aim is to extend it further after its completion, converting it into a full-time role.

Applications are now closed

We are no longer accepting applications for this year’s Empatica Engineering Graduate Program. Please tune in next year to apply, or follow us on Linkedin to stay up to date with our open positions.

Not what you’re looking for?

We have other open positions at Empatica check them out.

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