Raw Data

The Empatica Health Monitoring Platform provides you with direct access to high-quality, high-frequency and continuous raw data from the EmbracePlus sensors.

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No black box algorithms

Most commercial wearables preprocess their data without providing access to it in raw format. With EmbracePlus, all raw data is directly produced from the EmbracePlus sensors, and available to download in Avro format, leaving the processing to you.

A smart and versatile raw data platform

  • Easily access all data directly from the Empatica Cloud
  • Reuse and reprocess data as you develop your algorithms
  • Measure changes in the sympathetic nervous system
  • Access raw measures associated with cardiology and respiration
  • Focus on specific data types using sensor modes and customizable frequencies
CE certified

Data you can trust by EmbracePlus

The EmbracePlus has five powerful sensors that have been designed to collect quality physiological data without interruption. A combination of PPG, EDA, Skin Thermometer, and Accelerometer sensors provides the following raw data:

  • Accelerometer
  • Temperature
  • EDA
  • Steps
  • BVP
  • Systolic peaks
  • User tags

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