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How it works

Building your customized healthcare application with the Empatica Biomarker Platform is easy.



Evaluate your idea with the Care Portal and Empatica’s wearables, through easy integration with your existing clinical data pipeline and reporting infrastructure via the Empatica API



Use raw data to build and validate your own biomarkers, or explore and integrate validated biomarkers in your own infrastructure workflow



Build custom apps to leverage Empatica’s devices in clinical settings and in real life, and create your ready-to-deploy product or solution with the Empatica SDK

Empatica’s smartwatches are CE-certified and FDA-cleared, and come complete with custom-made sensors for the utmost accuracy. Fast and seamless integration with the Research Portal means less hassle and more reliability, so you can get started with your data collection within minutes.

Check the FDA-clearance status of the specific device with your sales representative

Maximize the quality of your data with industry-leading technology

Maximize the quality of your data with industry-leading technology

Use validated biomarkers or choose raw data and develop your own algorithm

raw data

All the raw data you need, when and where you need it

Develop your own digital biomarkers using raw data collected by state-of-the-art wearables.

  • Collect


    Collect quality data all day long, from anywhere in the world, with Empatica’s state-of-the-art wearables

  • Monitor


    Detect and monitor health conditions and changes in physiology using a range of digital biomarkers, all collected via Empatica’s medical-grade wearable sensors

  • Transfer


    All collected data is transferred and stored on Empatica’s fast, safe and secure HIPAA-compliant cloud

  • Access


    Instant online data access and download via the Research Portal

  • Develop


    Discover and develop your own digital biomarkers

Our biomarkers

Get a head start with accurate insights through digital biomarkers

Use one of Empatica’s validated biomarkers, from sleep actigraphy to disease detection, and focus on building the solution that works for you without worrying about data interpretation.

  • Pulse rate biomarker

    Pulse rate biomarker

    An accurate minute-by-minute tracking of the pulse rate through Empatica’s custom-made PPG sensors

  • Rest biomarker

    Rest biomarker

    Detects when the user is asleep, as well as periods of very low-level activities such as laying on a sofa or sitting on a chair

  • Activity biomarker

    Activity biomarker

    Automatically recognizes number of steps and distinguishes between low intensity and high intensity activity, such as walking, running, or other sports

Make your own apps and integrate advanced healthcare technologies into your business, practice, or research with the Empatica SDK

Johnson & Johnson
NHS St Thomas
Imperial College London
Kings College London
case study
respiratory infections

Developing a smartwatch to predict respiratory infections

Developing a smartwatch to predict respiratory infections

In 2018, the US government's BARDA Division of Research, Innovation and Ventures (DRIVe), under the Department of Health and Human Services, partnered with Empatica to develop a wearable and algorithm that would predict respiratory infections, in an effort to mitigate the potentially catastrophic impact of future influenza pandemics. Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the partnership was renewed, and with BARDA’s support the project was pivoted to focus on the deployment of a wearable that will detect respiratory infections, including COVID-19, before the wearer displays any symptoms.

product usedEmbrace2
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case study

Creating employee health monitoring programs from the ground up

Creating employee health monitoring programs from the ground up

Workplace stress has chronically been a large issue in Japan, with over 60% of workers reporting intense worry or stress related to employment. In a revolutionary initiative to combat employee stress, Japanese multinational information and network technology company NEC launched a study using Embrace2 and the Research Portal, in which data was collected to develop a biomarker for chronic stress prediction. Following the successful validation of the algorithm, NEC is using the Empatica SDK to build an employee health monitoring application, thus creating a safe work environment, where employees can physically and mentally thrive, both within and outside the workplace.

product usedEmbrace2
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case study

Building research applications for higher engagement and data collection

Building research applications for higher engagement and data collection

Using the Empatica SDK and E4 wristband, researchers in Norway developed TimeOut – a skill-building assistive technology to be used by adults with ADHD to improve long-term mastery of self-regulatory abilities. TimeOut utilizes the E4 wristband and an algorithm developed by the researchers to monitor physiological signals. When the algorithm notices a rise in EDA levels, indicating heightened physiological arousal, while the user is exhibiting sedentary behavior, the smartphone application prompts training interventions for its users and provides a skill-building exercise on a mobile phone.

product usedE4 wristband
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