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Research Portal

Your centralized platform for real-time data collection and management


Research Portal

The Research Portal is a cloud-based platform that allows you to visualize, monitor, and download data from different types of longitudinal and clinical studies, all seamlessly collected from your subjects using Embrace2.

The Research Portal is your one-stop platform to set up multiple studies and sites for your organization, without the need for continuous face-to-face contact and site visits

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How it works

The Research Portal is part of the Embrace2 for Research ecosystem, providing you with a remote tool for study management and data gathering. Whether your study is centered on outcomes such as autonomic arousal events, sleep, or other physiological endpoints, you can access and download both raw sensor data and summary data directly from the Research Portal.



Embrace2 collects physiological data from each participant

Mate App


The Mate App on the participant’s phone sends data to the Cloud

Research Portal


Data then flows to the Research Portal, for anytime access

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What are the benefits of using the Research Portal?

Easy setup

Easily setup and manage multiple sites

  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% virtual access and setup
  • Secure online login
  • Scaleable: monitor multiple studies, sites, and subjects simultaneously

What are the benefits of using the Research Portal?

Team Configuration

Full control of team configuration

  • Build your research team on clear hierarchy
  • Establish multiple studies with your chosen teams
  • Assign dedicated teams to specific studies
  • Add multiple sites to each study
  • Manage roles and permissions within each study and site

What are the benefits of using the Research Portal?

Manage participants

Manage your participants remotely

  • Easy enrollment, with unique login credentials for each participant
  • Check subject compliance at a glance
  • Filter and sort enrolled participants by compliance
  • Understand how much Embrace2 is worn effectively

What are the benefits of using the Research Portal?

Speedy secure data

Speedy and secure access to all data

  • Medical-grade data stored securely on the Cloud
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Secure data transfer in real time
  • Clinical quality data guaranteed
  • Download data in raw or processed format
feature focus

Participant Compliance Reports

Achieve higher rates of subject compliance by having fast access to a detailed and comprehensive view of each participant’s data. You can gain valuable insight into the efficacy of the data collected by Embrace2, all updated in real-time for your viewing.

Be informed

Be informed

Understand at a glance which participants are actively uploading data, by sorting and filtering subjects by their compliance

Save time and lower costs

Save time and lower costs

Identify low-compliance issues in seconds and intervene in a timely manner without the need for a site visit

Maximize data quality and quantity

Maximize data quality and quantity

Examine each participant’s device usage data and understand how much subjects are effectively wearing Embrace2 each day

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