Considering Embrace2 for your child?

The diagnosis of epilepsy for your child can be very stressful for the entire family. You may feel the need to overprotect and watch over them at every moment. However, imposing too many boundaries could make your child feel isolated. If they feel like they can’t do things because of their seizures, they may be less likely to reach their full potential. Parents we've spoken to acknowledge the need for their children to lead a normal life, and that epilepsy shouldn't stand in the way, despite the unpredictable nature of seizures.

Embrace2 can help parents feel more at ease, knowing they'll be alerted when a possible generalized tonic-clonic seizure occurs, so they can then give their children the love and strength they need to live a full life.

There are some questions you may have before deciding if it's the right choice for your child. We're covering some of the biggest ones here.

Which Embrace size does my child need?

Embrace2 in Seoul Grey Stretchable, Flamingo Pink Stretchable, and Sky Blue Stretchable shrinks down to 4'' at its tightest, which is around the same size as the grip on a tennis racket. The stretchable fabric is easy to adjust, yet stays in place, without requiring constant tightening. It's water-resistant and made of durable material that can easily cope with scuffs and scrapes that may happen on the playground. Beyond this, the fabric is lightweight and comfortable to wear, ensuring Embrace2 can be used for round-the-clock seizure monitoring.

As for color, the little ones love wearing the flamingo pink and sky blue version of Embrace because of their bright eye-catching colors.

Does my child need a smartphone to use Embrace?

A paired device is necessary, but it doesn't have to be a smartphone. Some tablets and the 6th generation of the iPod Touch will also work, so long as it is connected to the internet.

Embrace2 uses Bluetooth to connect to the user's device. When it detects a possible convulsive seizure, it communicates this message via Bluetooth to the Alert App on the paired device. The Alert App then sends out text messages and calls to caregivers using the device's internet connection.

The user's device and Embrace should always be close to each other so they can communicate freely and without any barriers. Many parents have gotten a running belt for their child to place the phone/device, so wherever they go it's always with them.

If you can't afford a smartphone or smart device for your child, you can use your own phone if the child is always at home. Just make sure that the phone or smart device is always with them, and you can set up the landline or your partner's phone (if they're at home) as the caregiver. This way, if you're in the kitchen, and your child is in their room, the landline or your partner's phone will ring notifying you of a possible emergency.

Will Embrace be easy for my child to use?

We designed a kid-friendly guide inside the app to help get you and your little one started. It encourages painless learning at your own pace. And in case you forget anything, it's easy to find in the app so you can return to it whenever you need to.

Embrace communicates with you using its LED lights. For example, a red X appears when Embrace is disconnected from the phone. This lets your child know that they should move closer to the phone. We've also included a guide in the app on the LED lights to use as a handy reference.

Embrace can be an invaluable companion for children living with epilepsy, and give parents some much-needed reassurance. Its sturdy design can withstand knocks and falls. Using Embrace is simple and it should seamlessly integrate into your child's life. We hope your questions have been cleared away, but in case there are still some lingering, please feel free to email us at and we'll be glad to help.

The Embrace2 has been FDA-cleared for children ages 6 and up. We highly encourage you to consult your doctor to determine if Embrace is right for the needs of your child. If your child is younger than 6, they'll need a prescription from their doctor for off-label use.

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