All your Embrace2 Questions Answered

Since Embrace2 made its debut, questions have poured in seeking to get better acquainted with the newest addition. So we thought it was only right to take you along for a quick exploration of its unique features, and address all of your curiosities. We’ll cover everything from aesthetics and performance, to prescriptions, and more.

First, let’s start with the basics.

What is Embrace2 and what does it do?

Embrace2 is the world’s most advanced smartband for epilepsy monitoring, and the first wrist-worn device to be FDA-cleared in the field of epilepsy. Beyond helping people with epilepsy better monitor their seizures, it also tracks rest and physical activity, providing valuable insights into your health.

Embrace monitors your physiological signals and movement, and when it detects unusual patterns that could be associated with a tonic-clonic seizure, it calls for help. Caregivers then receive a phone call and SMS with GPS location so they can quickly come to their loved one’s aid.

Alerts can be sent to just one caregiver or many, depending on which subscription plan is chosen.

A subscription plan is necessary for seizure monitoring and alerts. You can read more about the different plans here.

What types of seizures is Embrace2 designed to detect?

Embrace2 is designed to detect characteristics that are generally associated with tonic-clonic seizures. It looks out for movements that are frequent and repetitive in nature, and last longer than 20 seconds. Beyond this, it also measures electrodermal activity (EDA) which is generated by the sweat glands, and tends to increase with emotional stimulation.

Embrace cannot detect seizures that don’t manifest jerky and repetitive shaking movements, such as absence or complex partial seizures.

How does Embrace2 send alerts?

Embrace2 needs to be paired with a smartphone to send alerts. This smartphone should belong to the person wearing Embrace, and it should always remain close to them. Embrace sends alerts via its companion app, the Alert App. The caregivers chosen to receive alerts can be at any distance. It can even deliver alerts to landlines. For example, if your father is using Embrace, his caregivers could be a colleague at work, because they’re nearby and can easily assist; in addition to your mother who may be at home, because she wants to be notified in the case of a possible seizure.

Embrace can be paired with any iOS smartphone that runs iOS 10 or higher, and any Android smartphone that runs Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher and has Bluetooth Smart/ Low Energy.

Now, let’s move on to what the eye can see.

The watch face

Still sleek, still modern, still minimal. But, more functional. While you may not have purchased Embrace to tell the time, you probably still want to look good doing so. Embrace2 comes with 3 additional indicators and the original heart, all laser-engraved, making it super easy to know exactly what time it is.

The band

For those that are fans of the original band, it’s still available. But, if you’re in the mood for something different, our new Vegan Leather Band turns up the charm a few notches. Available in 4 different colors with a magnetic closure that maintains your desired fit, without getting loose throughout the day. Fastened at its tightest, it can fit wrists as small as 5.5 inches in circumference and expands up to 8 inches.

Embrace2 has also evolved beyond its appearance.

The battery

As you may know, the battery life has been kicked up to 48+ hours, freeing up more time for doing more of what you love. Around 30 minutes of charging is all it takes for the battery to last a full day. And approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes will get you to a full charge that lasts 48+ hours.

Prescription for the U.S.

Many questions have come in wondering why a prescription is now required for the U.S., what makes a prescription valid, and how to upload it. We’ll answer all of these here.

Please note that the prescription requirement only applies to the U.S.

Why is a prescription required?

In the U.S., Embrace is a prescription device which is indicated for use as an adjunct to seizure monitoring of adults in home or healthcare facilities during periods of rest. As such, it requires a valid prescription before we can ship.

However, you don’t need a prescription to complete the order. We’ll go ahead and reserve your order, and wait for the prescription to be uploaded. After it’s been verified, we’ll proceed with the shipment process. It may take between 1 to 5 business days to send out your order.

What makes a prescription valid?

It should contain all of the below:

1. Issue date

2. Name, address, phone number, and signature of healthcare practitioner. The signature can be either be in wet-ink or digitalized, but it cannot be typed

3. Doctor’s NPI number (This is a unique 10-digit number that every healthcare practitioner should have. If it’s not on the prescription, please ask your doctor to write it in.)

4. Patient’s full name and date of birth

5. “Embrace2” must be listed, as well as the quantity

6. The information you type in the form to upload the prescription must match the actual prescription

How is the prescription uploaded?

This part is quite simple. It’s through your Empatica account and the exact steps can be found in this article.

Only when we verify your prescription as valid, are we able to proceed with the shipment process. Please bear in mind that it may take us 1 to 5 days to ship from the date that it’s verified.

We hope any questions you had regarding Embrace2 have now been clarified. If you’re still curious, our support center offers even more answers based off previous questions we’ve received. It’s definitely worth a peek.

Embrace and the Alert system work globally with the exception of a few countries: North Korea (DPRK), Colombia, Indonesia, Malta, Macao, Ukraine, Ecuador, Peru, Cyprus, Kuwait, Honduras, Guatemala, Mozambique and Iran.

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