Empatica's actigraphy offering is growing

At Empatica, we are committed to continuously improving and expanding our products and platform to provide our clients with the most innovative, flexible, and reliable health monitoring and data collection solutions. That is why we are thrilled to announce an array of exciting new features that will make EmbracePlus and the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform the only tools you need to conduct your clinical trials in actigraphy and beyond.

Please note that the below updates are currently exclusively available for our Enterprise clients.

Taking EmbracePlus beyond the wrist

New EmbracePlus accessories turn it into a belt clip and waist strap

Our flagship EmbracePlus device is now even more versatile with the introduction of new accessories and form factors, meaning it can be worn on different parts of the body, bringing new measures to our suite of digital biomarkers as well as enhanced patient comfort.

1. Belt clip

The EmbracePlus belt clip is a game-changer for those seeking a discreet yet comprehensive health monitoring solution. With over 40 digital measures and reports available to measure from a hip or lumbar position, participants can easily attach the device to their waistband or belt, allowing for continuous monitoring of their health without drawing attention. The belt clip is particularly useful for trials where the participants’ wrists may be already used by other devices, or where there are other impediments for on-wrist monitoring.

2. Adapter for additional band options

The new adapter attaches to the EmbracePlus pod and enables EmbracePlus to be used with different bands, including longer, stretchable bands which allow the device to be worn around the chest or waist. This additional, adaptable form factor provides another comfortable and convenient way to monitor participants’ health, reducing participation burden while providing the additional sensitivity and specificity required for some measures, particularly around sedentary and low-intensity activities.

New Digital Biomarkers

Introducing 6MWT and advanced gait analysis to Empatica's actigraphy suite

We are excited to introduce new digital biomarkers that will provide additional valuable insights into participants’ health.

1. 6-Minute Walk Test (6MWT)

The 6MWT is one of the most versatile and widely recognized measures of physical fitness and endurance. Empatica’s algorithm provides a highly reliable estimation of multiple health measures alongside the distance traveled over 6 minutes, while the participant is wearing the EmbracePlus device on their wrist. Our team can provide a white paper outlining the algorithm’s performance.

2. Advanced Gait Analysis

The addition of the new EmbracePlus form factors also means new additions to our range of gait measures. Our advanced gait analysis is a valuable feature of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform, offering a variety of digital measures and reports that extend far beyond step counting. It provides detailed insights into walking patterns (such as stride intervals), spatiotemporal gait features, asymmetry in gait (for example, someone walking not symmetrically, such as stroke patients), and stride velocity. Talk to our team to discover the full range of gait measures available with our Actigraphy sensor modes.

New digital biomarker visualizations in the Care Portal

New digital biomarker visualizations in the Care Portal, including SpO2

To help you better review and understand participant data at a glance, we have introduced new visualizations for key digital biomarkers inside the Care Portal.

With the upcoming release of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform, our Enterprise clients will be able to visualize the following, accessing fast, valuable insights about the state of their participants

  • Respiratory Rate
  • SpO2
  • EDA (Electrodermal Activity)
  • Accelerometer

New Compliance Reporting

The Empatica Health Monitoring Platform will now offer enhanced compliance reporting inside the Care Portal, with both site and study-level views — an invaluable feature for healthcare professionals and researchers conducting clinical trials or studies at scale. It ensures that you can easily track participant compliance, identify trends, and make informed decisions to optimize your research and patient care.

Empatica remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge health monitoring solutions that empower individuals and healthcare professionals alike. With these new features, we are confident that our platform will continue to be a trusted resource for monitoring and improving health outcomes.

Read our previous blog post to learn more about our overall Actigraphy offering and the uniqueness of sensor modes. And if you have any questions about our platform and whether it is suitable for your research needs, you can get in touch with us today, and one of our experts will be happy to provide more info.