You can now use your FSA/HSA card to purchase Embrace

We're committed to expanding access to Embrace2 to all patients that can benefit from its seizure monitoring capabilities, irrespective of their background. One of our great motivators to get it cleared by the FDA was that it opens doors for our users to receive financial assistance for the purchase of Embrace, and its subscription.

Purchasing Embrace2 and a subscription plan has just gotten easier now that we've started accepting FSA and HSA cards for payment.

For those unfamiliar, FSA and HSA accounts can help you save money on medical expenses by allowing you to benefit from tax savings. Essentially, they are accounts where you set aside aside a portion of your income or salary before taxes to cover eligible medical expenses.

How do I order Embrace2 using an FSA/HSA Card?

FSA and HSA cards are types of debit cards, so purchasing Embrace2 is no different than paying with any other card. Following the purchase, your benefits administrator may ask you for an official invoice to validate Embrace2 as an eligible expense.

It’s possible that they might also ask for a copy of the prescription from your doctor. You can simply email us to request these at

How can I change my subscription payment details to my HSA or FSA card?

It is very easy to update your billing details to your FSA or HSA card by going to the Subscriptions section of your Empatica Account.

The change will be seen in your next invoice. It may be easier for annual subscribers as they would only have to provide one invoice to their provider (that is if the invoice is something your provider requires). Plus, the gains are even bigger if you have an annual subscription, which already comes with two months of savings. If you're still deciding on a subscription plan or are considering changing yours, you might want to read our blog post about subscriptions.

What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?

A Health Savings Account is similar to a personal savings account, however it can only be used for eligible medical expenses. You'll have to check with your provider on what's considered an eligible expense.
The amount of money you divert to the health savings account is yours, and will roll over from year to year. If you don't have a HSA but are considering opening one, these are some things you might want to consider.

We're continuing to explore ways to remove barriers that could make it hard to receive Embrace2. We've partnered with charities and have also been able to help some users receive insurance reimbursement. We'll keep you posted as we continue to make more significant advances in ensuring that Embrace gets in the hands of those that need it most.

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