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Why work at Empatica?

You believe care can be accessible to everyone, illness can be detected early for faster interventions, and chronic conditions can be managed without fear or stress. You believe in building technology that can change people’s lives and well-being for the better, and we believe we can achieve it together.

You are an ideal candidate for Empatica if you are

Know that life is too short to do petty things:
You feel an obligation to work on something that will make the world a better place.

Discuss openly face to face:
You’re not afraid to speak up, good ideas are more important than authority.

Question dogmas and the status quo:
You prefer merit and objectivity to blind authority.

Don’t give up on challenges and persevere to overcome setbacks:
You are focused on actions and results.

Success of others:
You put customers and team members first, before your own interests.

Have fun:
You don’t take yourself too seriously.

Open positions

Eager to leave your mark in the world? At Empatica you will get the chance to work at the forefront of digital health, for some of the world’s largest institutions to individual users who message us every day and tell us how our solutions saved their lives.

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We believe a strong work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to fuel performance, which is why every position at Empatica comes with great responsibility and perks:

Competitive salary

Stock options

Flexible work hours

Free Kindle

Personal growth programs

Free healthy lunch every day

Summer retreat in Sardinia

Gym membership

Healthy treats and Friday gelato

Remote working

The Empatica Team

At Empatica you’ll have a real opportunity to improve lives around the world, as part of a tight-knit team that shares knowledge, and is eager to keep learning and pushing to create top-notch products that have a meaningful impact.


A truly diverse group

The best innovations happen when you bring together different mindsets, cultures, and experiences. Our teams count over 20 different nationalities and we encourage applications from all over the world. We support our expats with initiatives inside and outside of work, making sure Empatica is not only a workplace but a home away from home.

A truly diverse group


Get challenged every day

At Empatica, no day is the same. This is not your typical run-of-the-mill, 9-to-5 job. We learn fast, we work fast, and we get rewarded by building groundbreaking products while working together to solve challenging problems we’ve never encountered before.

Get challenged every day


Build meaningful products

Our wearables, software, and algorithms are used for scientific research, clinical trials, management of chronic disorders, and our newest device will help NASA monitor the health of astronauts onboard the first ever manned mission to Mars. You’ll get to work on all of these, and more.

Build meaningful products


Grow exponentially

We invest in our people’s growth and believe that you should be evaluated based on your potential, not your experience. We offer tailored growth plans and make sure every Empatican crafts the path they want for themselves, whether it’s managing a team of curious people, or having an impact as an expert in their field.

Grow exponentially


Work with amazing people

If you ask every single Empatican what they love the most about working here, everyone will say the people. Joining the Empatica team means you will get to work with some of the smartest, most curious, humble, friendly, and passionate humans you will ever come across.

Work with amazing people

Here at Empatica we are proud of the fact that over 40% of our team is made up of women - almost two times higher than the industry average. We believe in creating opportunities where women not only enter the tech industry, but also encourage and empower each other. We make an effort to celebrate personal victories together and uplift each other.

Let them inspire you

Women in Tech

Women in Tech

“Working for Empatica means being part of a family that cares for you and helps you grow…”

See what they said

Discover 6 things Empaticans love about working here

Discover 6 things Empaticans love about working here

So, are you set on becoming an Empatican?
Check out our open positions and join us in making an impact in people’s lives.

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