Empatica Health
Monitoring Platform
for Remote Patient Monitoring

Unlock better health for thousands

Confidently track and analyze patient physiology with our medical-grade, AI-powered remote monitoring.

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A complete solution for health monitoring

The Empatica Health Monitoring Platform enables the continuous, remote monitoring of patient physiology in home and healthcare environments, by easing the burden on healthcare workers and facilities, and simultaneously increasing the quality of care that can be provided to thousands.

Partnered with the best institutions in the world

National Health Service
Stanford University

How the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform works

The Empatica Health Monitoring Platform can be used for remote patient monitoring thanks to Empatica’s plug-and-play SDK, giving access to medical-grade data from EmbracePlus that can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure.


EmbracePlus continuously measures and records physiological parameters, which are sent via Bluetooth® to a dedicated mobile app.

Patient app

Use the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform SDK to create a patient app that collects and streams EmbracePlus data to your infrastructure.

Healthcare provider interface

Integrate patient health data directly into the healthcare provider infrastructure and EHR from your cloud, both in raw format and as digital biomarkers.

What you can do with our platform

  • Triage patients with accurate, data-driven insights.
  • Easily set up multiple sites from a single cloud-based portal
  • Monitor thousands of ambulatory patients simultaneously
  • Continuously collect and compare health data across timeframes
CE certified

The new EmbracePlus combines years of engineering expertise in a functional, compact, and comfortable design. Complete with a proprietary PPG sensor to detect breathing rate and SpO2, EmbracePlus is the optimal clinical device for continuously monitoring outpatients, trial participants, and staff.

ce certified

An early detection and monitoring system for respiratory infections and COVID-19

Aria analyzes physiological signals and produces a daily output on a person’s likelihood of being infected. It can be plugged into the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform and provide additional, valuable insight to providers and caregivers, enabling early and crucial intervention, even before symptoms appear.

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