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Download and log in to EpiMonitor App

Start by downloading ‘Empatica EpiMonitor’ to your phone. Use the same credentials of your EpiMonitor account to log in.If you're a Caregiver, install the app on the phone of the person you're caring for. Need to create or access your EpiMonitor account? Go to

Compatible phones

To set up and use EmbracePlus, your device must have Bluetooth® 5.0 or higher. Although EmbracePlus works with the majority of devices, for optimal use we suggest using one from this list.

Waking up and pairing your EmbracePlus

Turn on EmbracePlus by pressing the upper side button. It will greet you with a ‘HI’. If EmbracePlus does not immediately wake up, we recommend placing it on the charger, in case the battery is drained. Once it is awake or been charged you can follow the app instructions to pair your EmbracePlus to EpiMonitor..

Discover EpiMonitor


About your EmbracePlus.

  • It has an E-ink display where you can find useful information to navigate your daily needs.
  • Its main screen tells the time. The hour is shown in the outer circle, while the minutes are shown in the center of the display.
  • To access information on your EmbracePlus press the side buttons.

Charging your EmbracePlus

  • Connect the charger cable to a standard 5V USB 2.0 power source.
  • Slide EmbracePlus into the charger until it snaps in place. Ensure the display and buttons are visible.
  • The display will turn dark and the battery icon will start blinking.
  • A full charge takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Seizure detection and alerts

EpiMonitor's smart tech checks your body signals for seizure patterns. When it finds one, it sends an alert to get you help fast. Here are the key EpiMonitor actions in case of a possible seizure:

  1. Seizure detected: When EpiMonitor detects a possible seizure, it starts a 15-second countdown.
  2. Cancel option: In case of a false alarm, you can cancel the alert during the countdown by pressing the lower side button.
  3. Caregiver alert: Once the countdown ends, EpiMonitor calls and texts your caregivers for help.
  4. Reassurance SMS: After the alert, you have the option of sending an automated text message to your active caregivers informing them you're okay. The option stays active for four minutes.

Manual alerts

Manually alert your caregivers with EmbracePlus:

  • Press the upper side button: Press the upper side button on EmbracePlus. You should see the battery level.
  • Press it again: Press the upper side button again. You'll should see the EpiMonitor logo with a question mark.
  • Hold to confirm: Keep the upper side button pressed until the alert process starts.
  • Changed your mind? You can cancel the alert through the app or by pressing the lower button on the EmbracePlus.

Sensing precision

Adjust how EpiMonitor detects seizures with Sensing Precision. Tap the "Sensing Precision" card, and select:

  • High: Best for rest times. It catches even small movements but it may give more false alerts during other activities.
  • Low: Good for light daily tasks. It won't alert you in case of small repetitive movements but it may miss some seizures.
  • Off: Be cautious. It won't detect vigorous activity and won't send alerts for seizures. Make sure you're safe when using it.
  • Schedule: if you choose Low or Off, confirm and set a time range. EpiMonitor will revert to High Sensing Precision after the appointed time range is met.

EpiMonitor caregivers

Your Caregivers are the people who will receive seizure alerts from EpiMonitor, and will be called for help in case of a possible seizure. It is important to:

  • Choose carefully: Pick people you trust and explain their role. You can add them in the app anytime.
  • Set up correctly: The app guides you through adding your first Caregiver when you log in. Be sure to let them know you are adding them as a caregiver and that they will be alerted in case of a possible seizure.
  • Have active Caregivers: Make sure your Caregivers are active to get alerts. If they're not active, EpiMonitor will not be able to send out alerts to them.

How Caregivers receive alerts:

  • EpiMonitor will trigger an automated phone call with a pre-recorded audio to your Caregivers if it detects a possible seizure.
  • In case you have the Standard and Plus plan, they will also receive your location via SMS for extra safety.

Managing Caregivers:

  • Tap "Caregiver Card" to add or delete Caregivers.
  • Each Caregiver profile contains their name, country code, and phone number.
  • You can activate or deactivate Caregivers at any time.
  • Important: The number of active caregivers you can have depends on your subscription plan.

My diary

Keep track of your seizures with My diary:

  • EpiMonitor automatically logs seizures: EpiMonitor records the detected seizures in your diary.
  • Manually add seizures: You can also manually add seizures by tapping the “+” icon.
  • Review and confirm seizures: It is important to review and confirm your seizures. Tap on a seizure card to add any additional details for a more complete diary.

View and send reports:

  • Viewing trends and reports: See trends in your seizures, activity, and sleep in My diary.
  • Send report via email: Press the button to generate and send the My diary report so you can share it with your doctor.

Taking care of EpiMonitor

Performing a system check

In the App:

  • Teal background: All good! Alerts will work if needed.
  • Yellow background: Something needs your attention. Alerts still work, but check the app to see what you need to address.
  • Red background: There is a serious issue, and alerts are not active. Check the app to address it immediately.

On the EmbracePlus watch face:

  • Alert Error: If Something is wrong, Embrace Plus will start blinking an x in the display. Check the app for help. Keep an eye on these cues to keep EpiMonitor working perfectly.

Cleaning and sanitizing your EmbracePlus

Keep your EmbracePlus clean and sanitized with these simple steps.


  • Remove EmbracePlus from your wrist.
  • Use a polyester/cellulose wipe soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Wipe the entire device thoroughly for at least 1 minute.
  • Check for any dirt and repeat if needed.
  • Let EmbracePlus dry before wearing it again.


  • Use a polyester/cellulose wipe soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • Wipe EmbracePlus for at least 90 seconds.
  • Allow EmbracePlus to dry completely before using it.


Here are some common issues and what you need to do to address them:

  • Alert Error: Open the App and check App statuses for details on the problem.
  • Memory Full: An 'M' icon appears on the EmbracePlus display. Connect to the app/system via Bluetooth® to sync and clear the device’s memory.
  • Out of Battery: The EmbracePlus display turns dark and shows a battery icon. Charge it to keep recording data.
  • Red or yellow backgrounds: In case the background of EpiMonitor is red or yellow, something is not right. Tap on the status card and understand what is wrong in the dedicated Status screen.

Other issues

Visit our support center to get more information on EpiMonitor and how it works.

Need help with your EpiMonitor?

Contact us via email at

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