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Epimonitor Pack
Prescription image

Do you have a prescription?

EpiMonitor is an FDA-cleared medical device and requires a valid prescription from a healthcare practitioner to ship to the US . Once you complete your purchase, you will be asked to upload your prescription to your account for review.

Click here to see what your physician needs to include.

EpiMonitor starter pack

EmbracePlus wearable + EpiMonitor subscription

Epimonitor Pack
EmbracePlus wearable
Support what could be the biggest scientific breakthrough in epilepsy research. Enroll in our seizure forecasting study and receive US$50 off EmbracePlus for your time and effort.
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EpiMonitor subscription
Balance power with affordability. All the benefits of Basic plan plus up to 3 caregivers, adjustable sensing precision settings and alert locations. All subscriptions starts once you pair the device.
Need help choosing a plan? Explore the differences
US$ 24.90 /mo.
US$ 24.90/mo.
US$ 22.82 /mo.Billed $ 273.90 /yr.
* The subtotal is an indicative amount that reflects the final pricing. Taxes and discount codes will be applied at checkout.
Free shipping
Eligible for reimbursment
1-year warranty
30-day free return

EmbracePlus for Epimonitor

EmbracePlus Charger

EmbracePlus USB charger

EpiMonitor requires a compatible smartphone to function, please note this is not included in the Empatica EpiMonitor pack. Ensure your device’s compatibility prior to purchase for a seamless integration with your smartphone.

EpiMonitor is compatible with specific versions of iOS and Android.Check the compatibility list here.

Weight and dimension

  • Sensor pod: 40 mm (1.57”) x 38.5 mm (1.52”) x 11 mm (0.43”), 40g (including battery, band, and electronics)
  • Silicone wristband: 95mm (3.8”) minimum wrist circumference, 222mm (8.7”) maximum wrist circumference, 21 mm (0.83”) band width


  • Ventral electrodermal activity (EDA)
  • 4-channel multi-wavelength photoplethysmogram (PPG)
  • High precision 3D microelectromechanical accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Digital temperature sensor


  • Always-on E Ink display with digital clock-face and function indicators
  • Scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 screen


  • IP67 (can stay immersed in water up to 1m/3ft deep for 30 minutes)


  • Bluetooth 5 with encrypted pairing and data transfer (range 15ft/5m)

EpiMonitor App

  • Available on: App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android)
Bank Debits

FDA Cleared

A solution you can trust. Epimonitor is FDA-Cleared for adults and children, ages 6 and up, ensuring only the highest medical standards for your Epilepsy management.

Peace of mind for you and your Caregivers.

Free shipping

Easily order from our online store and receive your starter pack directly at your door with no extra costs.

Enjoy the added convenience of free delivery.

Eligibile for reimbursement

Insurance reimbursement for EpiMonitor depends on your plan and coverage. Please reach out to your insurer with any questions.

For help on getting EpiMonitor reimbursed download our form

Flexible payment

Enjoy flexibility at checkout – opt for instant payment or choose to pay later with our convenient payment options and partners.

Select what suits you best!

Own an Embrace2?

Trade in, upgrade to EpiMonitor and save up to $175

Seamlessly upgrade to EpiMonitor by trading in your current Embrace2 device and enjoy a special discount on your purchase. Our Trade-in Program is available exclusively for Embrace2 users in the US.

Step 1

Complete the trade-in request form

Simply fill out our Trade-in typeform with details about your Embrace2 device. We'll ask for some basic information to ensure a smooth process.

Step 2

Our team checks if you are eligible

Our team will review your submission to determine if you’re eligible for the trade-in program, and will write to you with an update within a few days.

Step 3

Receive your unique trade-in code

Once approved, you'll receive a unique trade-in code via email along with detailed instructions on how to ship your Embrace2 device to us.

Step 4

Redeem Your Discount & Ship Your Embrace2

Use your personalized trade-in code when purchasing EpiMonitor to enjoy an exclusive discount. Afterward, simply follow the provided instructions to ship your Embrace2 back to Empatica.

Built on the legacy of the award-winning Embrace2, loved by thousands

Leslie, Mom & Caregiver photo

United States

Leslie, Mom & Caregiver

Today Jolee is a thriving sophomore in college who also works as a recreation assistant at our local Aquaplex. Because of her Embrace, we are always able to help when it’s needed and that allows her to be free to be herself!

Gina, Mom & Caregiver photo

United States

Gina, Mom & Caregiver

Logan's seizure’s have all been nocturnal so far, the watch has alerted me every time. I can put my head down at night for some much needed rest knowing if he needs me the watch will let me know.

Jennifer, Embrace User photo

United States

Jennifer, Embrace User

The #EmbraceWatch for me means I can fall asleep knowing I am a little safer against #SUDEP. It means lower rates of #depression for myself. It means more #freedom for me during the day.

Katie, Embrace User photo


Katie, Embrace User

I wear my Embrace 24/7. Knowing that if I have a seizure my family will be notified has given me so much confidence.

Brittney, Mom & Caregiver photo

United States

Brittney, Mom & Caregiver

I walked away to make lunch and the Embrace texted and called both my husband and I to let us know our daughter was having a seizure. Now I won't have to worry about missing a seizure.

Jessica, Mom & Caregiver photo

United States

Jessica, Mom & Caregiver

Thanks to the Embrace I now have a peace of mind knowing that my daughter is not all alone. If I don't catch the seizure myself the watch will. It has given me and her too a feeling of reassurance and safety.

Karen, Embrace User photo

Costa Rica

Karen, Embrace User

I live a busy, active lifestyle and I love #monitoring the quality of my #sleep. Great things come in small packages. Pura vida!

Dj Hapa, Embrace User photo

United States

Dj Hapa, Embrace User

Embrace2 allows you to gain your independence back with peace of mind, knowing that it will alert your caregivers when you need help.

Sophie, Embrace User photo

United Kingdom

Sophie, Embrace User

It's brilliant, made my recent appointment with a new neurologist so much easier to prepare for.

A plan for every need and budget

EpiMonitor comes with three subscription plans, which can be purchased as monthly or yearly options. Compare the plans below.



  • Basic Monthly
  • Basic Yearly
  • Standard Monthly
  • Standard Yearly
  • Plus Monthly
  • Plus Yearly

Our most affordable plan. Stay safe with seizure alerts with 1 caregiver and keep an automated seizure diary.

US$ 15.90/mo.

US$ 0.51/day


  • Basic Monthly
  • Basic Yearly
  • Standard Monthly
  • Standard Yearly
  • Plus Monthly
  • Plus Yearly

Balance power with affordability. All the benefits of Basic plus up to 3 caregivers, adjustable sensing precision settings and alert locations.

US$ 24.90/mo.

US$ 0.80/day


  • Basic Monthly
  • Basic Yearly
  • Standard Monthly
  • Standard Yearly
  • Plus Monthly
  • Plus Yearly

Take control of your epilepsy management. Up to 10 Caregivers, accurate sleep and activity tracking and shareable PDF reports.

US$ 48.50/mo.

US$ 1.56/day



Billed once, yours for life

Seizure Alerts

EpiMonitor calls your Caregivers when a potential seizure is detected

Seizure Diary

Keep track of seizures and events in a practical diary

Sensing Precision

Reduce false alerts by configuring settings based on your activities


Maximum Caregivers

Maximum number of active Caregivers who can receive alerts

Up to 3
Up to 10

Alert Location

Your active Caregivers know where you are during an alert through an SMS

Manual Alert

Ask for help to your active Caregivers with the press of a button

Sleep and Activity Tracking

Adds automated sleep and activity data to your seizure diary

Diary PDF Exports

Generate instant PDF reports of your diary to share with your Caregivers or physician


We’ve got you covered. Rest easy knowing your device is fully covered by our warranty.

1 year
1 year
1 year

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I don’t have a prescription, can I still purchase EpiMonitor?
EpiMonitor is an FDA-cleared Medical Device, therefore users are required to submit a valid prescription issued by a US health practitioner before we can ship the EmbracePlus to them.

However, it is not needed to have a valid prescription at the moment of the purchase. You can still buy EpiMonitor, then, as soon as you upload your prescription the device will be shipped.

To make the process smoother, we have created a prescription template for you to share with your doctor. To download the template, click here.
Can I get insurance reimbursement?
EpiMonitor might be eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company. Getting it reimbursed depends on your service provider and coverage level, but we’re here to help you get started with the process.

You can ask your doctor to fill out this predetermination form, then either you or your doctor can submit it to your insurance provider to improve your chances of reimbursement.
Do I need EmbracePlus to use EpiMonitor?
The EpiMonitor pack is composed by a wearable (EmbracePlus) and a smartphone application solution for seizure monitoring called EpiMonitor app. It is only compatible with the data collected through the EmbracePlus device, therefore, it is not possible to use the EpiMonitor App without owning an EmbracePlus.
Can I buy and use EmbracePlus for other monitoring purposes without getting an EpiMonitor subscription?
EmbracePlus is included as part of the EpiMonitor package. It can only be used with the EpiMonitor system as a seizure monitoring device.

If instead, you are a researcher and are interested in utilizing EmbracePlus for research purposes, please submit your inquiry here: Talk to our Team
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can disable the auto-renewal of your subscription plan at any point of time. If you cancel the plan in the middle of the billing period, you’ll still be able to use the subscription for the remaining month/year, and the subscription will not be renewed after that.