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Highest sensitivity and lowest False Alarm Rate in the field.

Who we are

We're tight-knit, passionate, and come from diverse backgrounds. We design and develop the world's smallest and most accurate wearable devices for medical research and epilepsy management.

Meet the Team

Matteo Lai
Rosalind Picard
Chief Scientist
Simone Tognetti
Maurizio Garbarino
Chief Software Architect
Ivan Cenci
Head of Production
Daniele Resnati
Director of Hardware Development
Francesco Corazza
Product Manager
Michele Simonato
Problem Solver
Francesco Onorati
Principal Data Scientist
Daniele Pia
Hardware Operations
Jacopo Bonacci
Senior Designer
Giulia Regalia
Senior Data Scientist
Stefano Sandrin
Operations Manager
Matteo Migliorini
Data Scientist
Andrea Pregnolato
Senior Mobile Engineer
Chiara Caborni
Data Scientist
Jennier Jang
Production Program Manager
Mzia Kupunia
Customer Happiness Specialist
Marco Bassi
Full-stack Engineer
Martina Georgieva
Customer Happiness Specialist
Flavio Mutti
Software Engineer
Chris Loughnane
Director of Mechanical Engineering
Giacomo Tagliabue
Embedded QA Engineer
Parth Jariwala
Mechanical Engineer
Prathyusha Yasangi
Customer Happiness Specialist
Titilope Odutayo
Customer Happiness Specialist
Petra Nemeth
Junior Operations Manager
Felipe Castro
Mobile Engineer
Giannicola Olivadoti
Cloud Engineer
Daniele Bacci
Accounting Manager
Leandro Galuzzi
Mobile Engineer
Alessandro Baratè
Hardware Associate
Kate Ahn
CEO Assistant
Andres Babic
Junior Designer
Laurine Babilliot
Junior Data Scientist
Maria Fernanda Guzman
Junior Data Scientist
Nicolas Quintero
Customer Happiness Specialist

Our products are used by the most distinguished universities and hospitals in the world.

Microsoft Research
MIT Media Lab

Empatica in the News

The Embrace has the slickness of a Jawbone Up and the brains of a PhD student.
It can also do something most watches don’t: send out an epilepsy alert.
MIT Technology Review
Makes it easier for people with epilepsy to detect seizures and let others know when they need help.

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Embrace is currently available only in English. Embrace is an investigational device in the USA and a medical device in the EU. If you do not see your country listed, please visit the International site.
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