CE certified

Empatica Care

A dedicated software ecosystem for seamless EmbracePlus data transfer and access

Tailored to your remote data collection needs

The Empatica Care app and Portal are CE-certified and part of the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform. Both are designed to work with EmbracePlus, offering continuous data streaming, access, and visualization.

Care app

The Care app is the companion app for EmbracePlus, that enables the secure recording and transmission of raw data and digital biomarkers to the Empatica Cloud.

  • Compatible with popular  smartphone models 
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Fast and remote patient onboarding
  • Live status check and troubleshooting to minimize data loss
  • De-identified login credentials
  • Care app is available on the Enterprise pricing plan
  • Care Lab app is available on the Professional pricing plan

Only the Care app is part of the FDA-cleared Empatica Health Monitoring Platform, the Care Lab app has not been included in the submission

Care Portal

A web portal for professionals to easily manage participants across sites and monitor the digital biomarkers measured by EmbracePlus.

  • Review participant data at a glance
  • Easy online access from Empatica’s secure cloud service
  • View data against historical averages
  • Enroll and manage participants remotely
  • Detailed view of individual digital biomarkers
  • Build your own team hierarchy and manage all your study data from a single place
CE certified

Made to work with EmbracePlus

Empower your research and remote health data collection with the world’s smallest and most advanced wearable to combine PPG, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Temperature, and EDA sensors.

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