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Track your seizures and gain insights from your daily rest and physical activity, all automated by your Embrace.

Advanced Rest Analysis
Advanced Rest Analysis

Visualize tosses and turns, and sleep interruption. Compare your rest duration, efficiency and fragmentation with recommended values.

Physical Activity Details
Physical Activity Details

View distance, duration and intensity of your physical activity. Review activities recognized by Empatica’s algorithms (walking, running, and low/high intensity activity).

Seizure Details
Seizure Details

Add relevant notes and details of seizures detected by Embrace, or log undetected seizures manually to assist with recognizing possible triggers.

Find out why Embrace users love the Mate App

Jay, dad
United States
"Here's a picture of my son wearing the #EmbraceWatch. We like the Mate app that shows the sleep patterns!"
Costa Rica
"I love #monitoring the quality of my #sleep. Great things come in small packages! Pura Vida :)"

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Mate works together with Alert. Install both Apps on your phone.

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