Empatica’s Platform Receives New FDA Clearance for Cardiac Digital Biomarkers

Fda cleared

Clinical-quality data from everyday life

The FDA-cleared Empatica Health Monitoring Platform provides accurate, continuous health insights for researchers and clinicians, collected in the real world

Clinical-quality data from everyday life
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Leading innovation in digital biomarkers

Pioneering digital biomarker development for over a decade, including the first FDA-cleared digital biomarker in neurology, Empatica is dedicated to providing the largest selection of clinically-validated and research-grade digital biomarkers in the world.


An end-to-end remote monitoring solution for clinical trials

The Empatica Health Monitoring Platform is applicable and scalable to countless therapeutic areas. Collect and monitor raw data and digital biomarkers across all phases of your trials using FDA-cleared, award-winning medical technology, alongside a powerful and intuitive software suite.

Redefining clinical research through medical wearables and digital biomarkers

Our FDA-cleared health monitoring tools are designed to seamlessly collect and monitor health data from daily life. Empatica provides the world’s largest selection of digital measures from a single, versatile wearable, taking gold-standard health measurements from the clinic to the comfort of people’s homes.

More than half of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies use the Empatica Health Monitoring Platform to monitor the impact of treatments and to develop novel digital biomarkers that can be used as digital endpoints. Talk to our team to see how your research can benefit.


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Clinical-quality data from everyday life

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