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E4 wristband
The E4 is a medical-grade wearable device that offers real-time physiological data acquisition, enabling researchers to conduct in-depth analysis and visualization.

E4 sensors

The E4 is equipped with sensors designed to gather high-quality data
PPG Sensor
Measures Blood Volume Pulse (BVP), from which heart rate variability can be derived
3-axis Accelerometer
Captures motion-based activity
Event Mark Button
Tags events and link them to physiological signals
EDA Sensor (GSR Sensor)
Measures the constantly fluctuating changes in certain electrical properties of the skin
Infrared Thermopile
Reads peripheral skin temperature
Internal Real-Time Clock
5ppm high accuracy time reference

From laboratory settings to at-home analysis, E4 is the perfect solution.

Recording Mode

The E4 has an internal memory that allows you to record for up to 60 hours of data. An ideal solution for longitudinal studies.

E4 manager

Imports your data via USB and transfers it to our secure cloud platform. You can also upgrade the Firmware of your E4. Works with Windows and Mac.

E4 connect

View and manage your data on our secure cloud platform. You can also download raw data in CSV format for easy processing and analysis in third party applications. Your data is secured with encryption. Data includes: Electrodermal Activity (EDA) also known as Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), Blood Volume Pulse (BVP), Acceleration, Heart Rate (HR), and Temperature.

Bluetooth® Streaming Mode

View sensor data of the connected device in real time. Data will automatically be uploaded to E4 connect, our secure cloud platform, after the session ends. Ideal for laboratory settings and live events where you want to showcase data.

E4 realtime

The E4 wristband connects to a smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth® enabling real-time data viewing. Easily zoom and pan to check your signals. Data will automatically be uploaded to E4 Connect after a session ends.

Technical specifications

Form Factor
Case: 44x40x16 mm
Wrist: 110 - 190 mm
Weight: 25 g
Streaming mode: 24+ h
Recording mode: 32+ h
Charging time: < 2 h
Data Transfer
Bluetooth Low Energy Smart®
USB 2.0
Flash Memory
Up to 60h of data storage
Splash Resistant Materials
Band: polyurethane
Case: polycarbonate and glass fiber
Lenses: polycarbonate and silicon
Regulatory Compliance
CE Cert. No. 1876/MDD (93/ 42/EEC Directive, Medical Device class 2a)
FCC CFR 47 Part 15b
IC (Industry Canada)
MIC Japan: BLE112 has type approval certification ID R 209- J00046

Advanced research on
human behavior

Read more about the scientific contributions of Empatica and other international research groups that make use of the E4 wristband across a variety of discoveries.

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E4 has not been cleared by the FDA as a medical device.

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