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Powered by EmbracePlus, the world’s most advanced medical-grade smartwatch
Enhance your study with more data and validated digital biomarkers than ever
Instant access to fully anonymized participant data from your studies via a full-stack cloud platform
Minimize data loss, with live tracking of participant wearing time
Remotely and objectively monitor participant behavior in the context your research requires
Run and manage multiple studies simultaneously, inside a dedicated portal

How the research suite works

Our full-stack research suite is built on the capabilities of EmbracePlus and entirely created in-house, with dedicated software and cloud infrastructure designed for your real-world and academic research needs.


EmbracePlus continuously measures and records physiological parameters, which are sent via Bluetooth® to a dedicated mobile app

Dedicated Mobile App

The mobile app uses the phone’s internet connection to automatically transfer all data to the Empatica cloud

Empatica Cloud

The Cloud securely stores data and makes it available for review inside the dedicated portal, or for immediate access via direct download

Dedicated Online Portal

The online portal allows you to manage your studies and access your data and digital biomarkers

Powered by EmbracePlus

EmbracePlus is equipped with the most advanced sensors for longitudinal data collection combined with clinically validated digital biomarkers.

Advanced optical PPG (Photoplethysmogram)

Clinically-validated PR and PRV measurements through a custom-made sensor

Ventral EDA sensor (Electrodermal activity)

Detects subtle changes in electrical conductance at the surface of the skin

Accelerometer and Gyroscope

Raw accelerometry data and motion intensity detection

Digital temperature sensor

Reads peripheral skin temperature

IP67 waterproofing

Can be worn and submerged in water up to 10m/30ft deep for 30 mins

Optimized sampling rates

Obtain the best Pulse Rate and Pulse Rate Variability performances while maintaining good battery consumption

E Ink display

Status indicators and always-on clock face synchronized with connected phone

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